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Go Green Lawn Services Providing Core Aeration Services This September and October


West Chester, PA -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/15/2017 -- This fall, Go Green Lawn Services is providing high-quality core aeration service to Wilmington, DE, and many other parts of Pennsylvania. This technique grants greater access to the roots, allowing nutrients and water to penetrate deeper where they need to go. It also alleviates grass from compaction and thatch, letting it grow without restriction.

Foot traffic and other environmental factors can wear out lawns, weakening and compressing them over time. This method will break through thatch and remove plugs of soil, bringing them to the surface.

Administering nutrients and other beneficial treatments to a lawn that is compacted is similar to trying to pour water into a jar packed tightly with sand. The company's core aeration service will break up the soil, without harming the grass, to forge paths that essential nutrients, water, and oxygen can use. Their utilization of cutting-edge machinery allows for deep and even penetration while focusing on high-trafficked and thatch-laden spots.

Their knowledgeable team is well-trained in augmenting the aeration treatment of lawns. The company comprehends and applies the appropriate techniques while making sure to execute the job under conditions that are the most favorable. All of this and more assure that the best possible results are achieved using this rejuvenating treatment.

Anyone who is interested in neighborhood lawn services in Wilmington, DE, as well as Pennsylvania, such as overseeding, core aeration, fertilization, and much more, should contact Go Green Lawn Services as soon as possible. Call 610-285-7947 or visit them online at https://gogreenlawnservices.com/ to inquire about a free estimate.

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Go Green Lawn Services is a lawn and tree care company headquartered in West Chester, Pennsylvania. The company uses safe, natural, and organic lawn care products that help to grow lush, thick lawns for all of their customers in Pennsylvania and Delaware. Aside from their lawn and tree care services, the company also offers preventative pest control, mowing, and landscaping services.