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Go Green This Winter Safepaw Ice Melter Protects Pets & Kids

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Huntingdon Valley, PA -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/24/2013 -- Safepaw ice melting compound offers a unique, green alternative to using traditional salt-based compounds on icy winter surfaces. This patented, dual-effect ice melting compound is 100% safe for children, pets, wildlife, and the environment.

How It Works

Safepaw utilizes a two-way, time released, endothermic action that attracts solar heat to melt ice and snow without giving off heat itself. This dual-effect compound is made up of a liquid component that instantly starts the melt by breaking up the surface tension of the ice, and a modified crystalline amide core, which is infused with a special glycol admixture that quickly penetrates and completes the melt. Once melted, Safepaw creates an invisible shield keeping new ice from sticking to surfaces for several days. This makes shoveling easy. Safepaw is also infused with traction agents to prevent slips and falls. Safepaw functions to temperatures as low as 2 degrees below zero.

No Salt!

Safepaw is the only ice melting product on the market that does not contain salt [sodium chloride, or potassium chloride]. Salt-based compounds leave residues that are corrosive to all surfaces including; asphalt, concrete, brick, pavers, wood, lawns; and floors and rugs when tracked into the home. The run-off winds up in water wells, water systems, the ocean; damages plant life and the soil as well.

These corrosive compounds are also dangerous to children, pets, and wildlife, as salt-based ice melting compounds work slowly and are only effective to 24 degrees above zero. The risk of exposure to children and pets is greatly increased.

Staying Safe

Children and family dogs have been injured by salt-based compounds after frolicking in the snow. They tend to ingest and get the compounds into their eyes and onto their skin while at play, and dogs lick paws, which have the compounds embedded into them. Corrosive salt-based compounds are known to cause severe damage to internal organs when ingested. Returning indoors to warmer temperatures, these compounds can rise to 175 degrees, severely injuring the child and pet whose eyes and skin have become exposed. Wildlife creatures also eat ice and drink the melting mixtures as a source of water.

Children, pets, and wildlife are safe in an environment where Safepaw has been used. Since Safepaw does not contain salt or any other corrosive elements, it can be safely applied to decking of any kind, and will not damage asphalt, concrete, pavers, carpets or flooring when tracked into the home. Safepaw ice-melting compound is safe to be used around plant life, and is harmless to water wells, water systems, the ocean, the soil, and the environment.

Innovative Safepaw ice-melting compound is nationally available in grocery, pet, hardware, and mass merchandising stores at easily affordable prices. Make a safer choice this winter season with SafePaw

About SafePaw
In 1996 SafePaw was created and designed to sell to the pet industry (retail consumers and veterianarians). Safe Paw benefits including:

> Guaranteed safe for pets and children
> Environmentally safe
> Won’t harm decking of any kind
> Safe on asphalt, concrete, and pavers
> Safe on plants and shrubs
> Proprietary traction agent (helps prevent slips and falls)
> Won't stain or destroy flooring