Go Horseback Riding Announces Group Equestrian Lessons for a 13-Week Session

Go Horseback Riding will arrange 13-week summer camp session for equestrianism in Maryland. Equipped with the right infrastructure, the camp will help the participants master the art of horseback riding.


Silver Spring, MD -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/28/2014 -- Go Horseback Riding is set to offer lesson packages for Equestrianism for a 13-week session just for $80 per lesson ($795 total). They enable people learn the nuances of horseback riding. By the end of the camp, most students are able to post the trot in a group, go over trotting poles and canter one at a time in 2-point.

A senior executive with Go Horseback Riding stated, “Located in great natural surroundings, the session will be equipped with the right infrastructure. The camp will help you master the art of horseback riding. In the twice-daily riding lessons our highly experienced team of instructors will teach children how to walk, halt, trot and ride a horse while controlling each and every movement and the direction of the animal. Additionally, as time progresses, children will also learn some complex movements such as taking a small jump and trail riding.”

Go Horseback Riding has a team of highly skilled and experienced instructors who help beginners understand horses and get a unique hands-on experience with the proper grooming of the horse, their overall behavior and also about ways children can control a horse. Alongside providing riding lessons to children who are new to horses, the instructions also demonstrate some complex movements while giving interactive lectures on the type of care horses need and knowledge related to it.

“Horses are powerful animals and you see a remarkable improvement in your children’s self-confidence after going through some horseback riding lessons at the camps. We encourage all parents to send their children to our horseback riding camps without worrying about their safety, as we regularly test our school horses to make sure that they’re perfectly suited to the level of the rider. We make sure that all school horses are kind and can tolerate the mistakes that a new rider will make,” further added the executive. Please note that horses can be unpredictable but we do our best to select the kindest horses for our camps.

Go Horseback Riding operates a number of equestrian centers and horseback riding camps in Central Maryland. Each camp is located in large and naturally-beautiful farmlands that offer a clean and peaceful environment to children and adults. This horse riding resource offers great horseback riding lessons at highly affordable prices. Here is more information on Maryland summer day camps by Go Horseback Riding.

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Based in Maryland, Go Horseback Riding is the country’s premier resource that offers great horseback riding lessons to children and adults. The resource employs a team of highly skilled and experienced instructors to deliver interactive lessons to all budding horseback riders. For a combined total of more than seven decades Go Horseback Riding has been giving great riding lessons in a safe environment in summer camps that are organized in Maryland. Get riding lessons in Maryland now with Go Horseback Riding to improve your skills.

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