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Go Truck Capital Now Offers Help with Financing

The financing department helps develop financing programs that fit each company’s needs


Tustin, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/13/2013 -- Many companies in the trucking business want to offer commercial truck financing opportunities to their clients when orders often exceed $5,000 and when their primary business activity is occupied by sales made of capital equipment to businesses. Go Truck Capital is offering help to trucking companies looking to develop a financing department.

By offering in-house financing, companies can instantly expand their customer base and grow their company. Sales also go up almost instantaneously, but not every company has the same needs. To ensure that each company can offer their own clients a financing program that fits their business plan, the financing experts at Go Truck Capital will work with each sales team and manager to develop a program that fits their sales process and products. Simply offering a generic financing program won’t help trucking companies truly diversify, so the Go Truck Capital team focuses on creating a program that is personalized.

Unlike other lenders, Go Capital offers financing to start-up companies and other companies that have challenged credit scores to help them start successfully or have a successful new start. For more information about Go Truck Capital and their financing opportunities, visit them online at http://www.gotruckcapital.com/.

About Go Truck Capital
Go Truck Capital focuses on being a long-term financial partner with trucking companies across the country, and works with sales teams and managers to help understand each client’s long-term stability and their business. To achieve mutual success, they approach each transaction as the start of a relationship, and assign a trained, experienced Account Manager to devote enough time to the new client’s business to become familiar with the current financial needs and issues and predict each client’s future financial needs.