Go Vegetarian and Vegan with the Brilliant Vegetarian's Beginner's Guide 30 Day Course

Becoming a vegetarian or vegan has never been easier, simpler and more achievable with The Vegetarian’s Beginner’s Guide 30 Day Course!


London, UK -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/05/2013 -- Vegetarianism is a growing popular as society has seen the benefit that going vegetarian or vegan can do. Vegetarianism has been around for thousands of years and through time is being popular among celebrities as well as the public because people understand the power of their daily actions when it comes to food choices, the consequences on the natural resources on the planet and quality of treatment towards animals.

Nowadays societies are becoming more socially conscious about the current state of the environment and want to find productive ways to reduce wastage in an efficient manner that supports (preserves) our planet and not hinder it. But they have also realized that diet related cancers are now on the rise which is destroying the lives of individuals and their family. This could all be prevented to educating people on the best foods that are nutritionally rich in fibre, antioxidants that combat free radicals that cause diseases such as heart disease or stroke.

Everyday people who have now decided that that way to lead a better quality of life and choose to become a vegetarian or vegan are usually confused how or where to start. New vegetarians or vegans often have to deal with the daunting task of switching from a meat diet to a wholesome vegetarian or vegan diet. The ability to start a new way of eating, cooking meals, shopping for vegetarian friendly items, eliminating red or white meat can be challenging without access to information, guidance or support which can cause aspiring vegetarians or vegan to become frustrated or worse admit defeat. The transition into vegetarianism inspired the creation of the vegetarian lifestyle course Vegetarian’s Beginner’s Guide 30 Day Course designed by Illuminate Good Health Publishing who are behind the free e-newsletter Vegetarian Newbie.

The Vegetarian’s Beginner’s Guide 30 Day Course is a brand new course created with the vegetarian newbie in mind to help them start and sustain a successful vegetarian lifestyle. This course provides the information, steps and tools for any vegetarian beginner over a period of thirty days. It takes the guesswork out of the equation by providing a strategy to get started. The course offers two types of packages the premium and the classic.

The premium consists of thirty topics, a 30 Day workbook, Journal and six specialized eBooks (The Vegetarian Mindset, 10 Essential Facts About Taking Supplements For The Vegetarian and Vegan, A Vegetarian’s Guide To Organic Gardening, Superfoods Volume 1, Volume 2 and Volume 3) plus two bonus recipe eBooks (Delicious Delectable Vegetarian and Vegan Recipes and 30 Savoury Meatless Vegetarian and Vegan Recipes) which can be purchased at an amazing price of $127. The classic consists of the 30 Day course, 30 Day Workbook, Journal, The Vegetarian Mindset and bonus eBook Delicious Delectable Vegetarian and Vegan Recipes which can be purchased at $67.

This brilliant course is for anyone who has decided to pursue the vegetarian and vegan lifestyle and needs help making it happen. To start ones vegetarian or vegan lifestyle, visit the website to get a copy right now http://www.vegetariansbeginnersguide.com.

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