GOA Exotic Tattoo and Piercing Gains the Support of the South Florida Tattoo Community


Miami, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/18/2012 -- GOA Exotic Tattoo and Piercing has gained the respect and support of the south Florida tattoo community. With hundreds of tattoo shops located in south Florida, it is difficult for one to rise above the rest. Being proclaimed by some as the best tattoo shop in Miami, GOA strives to continually create unique and amazing pieces of body art that cannot be matched in their creativity and irreverence for boundaries.

With reality shows about Miami tattoo shops and a young community wanting new artwork, GOA has hired the best tattoo artists from around the world. Their four top Miami tattoo artists are Brooklyn born Grateful Dan, Bogota native Andres Clay, New York native High Noon and Colombia’s best Orlando Torres. The team at GOA Exotic Tattoo and Piercing is one of the strongest in Bogota and Miami.

Accomplished comic book cover artist, High Noon draws from his various artistic and cultural influences to create one of kind pieces of art. Whether it is X-Men’s night crawler or a tribute to a child with autism through the image of a ribbon, High Noon can bring an idea to life. “I got an amazing colorful and unique sparrow by High Noon and he went above and beyond my expectations.” said Tiffany P., GOA customer.

GOA takes pride in their safe, clean and sterile shop that only offers top quality tattoos, piercings and dermal anchors. With Miami on the rise as the tattoo capital in the south, there is no doubt GOA Exotic Tattoo and Piercing will continue to be a south Florida favorite.

About GOA Exotic Tattoo and Piercing
GOA Exotic Tattoo and Piercing is recognized as one of the best tattoo shops in Miami, winning many awards since its beginning for outstanding tattoo artistry. GOA Tattoo Piercing and its artists specialize in tattoo, piercing, dermal anchors and body modification. They can create any type of tattoo - western, realism, tribal, horror in color or black and grey GOA Exotic Tattoo and Piercing is proud of their highly qualified and experienced tattoo artists who are trained and guarantees the highest level of hygiene and safety in the industry. For more information visit http://www.goatattoopiercing.com