GoCorporate Announces Business Registration Services

GoCorporate provides the fastest business registration for individuals, single-class corporations, and multi-class corporations in British Columbia, reports GoCorporate


Kelowna, BC -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/02/2014 -- Many people are stymied when it comes to figuring out the process of registering a business in British Columbia. To help with this problem, GoCorporate has announced its business registration packages. These packages cover all of the most common incorporation scenarios, and they allow customers to quickly become properly registered.

"Business registration is legally required in many cases," explained Justin of GoCorporate. "The type of registration that is best depends on several factors, such as the number of principals, tax considerations, and liability concerns. While a basic registration simply involves getting a business license, a Federal Business Number and a business bank account, most people find that it's better to incorporate. Incorporation provides tax flexibility, liability protection, and tax savings. It's also more impressive to have an 'Inc.' after the business name."

While few would choose the incorporation route just to be able to add "Inc." to their company names, most people associate the appellation with large companies. In some industries, this can lead to more sales or bigger deals. Therefore, while it likely shouldn't be the deciding factor in a decision to incorporate rather than simply registering the business, it is often worth figuring for this effect when deciding which path to take.

"We also offer offer a multi-class incorporation option, which allows newly-registered businesses to offer four classes of shares. This allows for advanced tax planning, greater control over dividends payouts, and the leveraging of investment income. The multi-class option is good for new businesses that either have a large number of investors or that need to divide their investors into distinct subsets with different rights and privileges."

Each Go Corporate option features several benefits, which vary according to which one is chosen. All offer fast applications that take mere minutes to complete, and in all cases, GoCorporate takes care of filing all of the necessary paperwork with the relevant government agencies. The basic registration includes a preliminary search, low startup costs, and has no need for paperwork. The basic incorporation option provides for one class of shares, comes with a free minute book, and limits the liability of the company's owners. Finally, the multi-class option provides for four classes of shares, the free minute book, and a free name request. These three options cover the needs of almost all new businesses, and the process of legal registration is made faster and easier by hiring GoCorporate to take care of all of the details.

About GoCorporate
GoCorporate is based in Kelowna, British Columbia, and offers business registration services at three main levels. It prides itself on being the fastest business registration company in the province, and provides an easy, step-by-step interface that makes it simple for new business owners to get started.