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God Has Questions Too: Compelling New Book Proves God's Desire for Intimate Communication

Zaidie Crowe Carnegie’s latest book turns the tables on those who question God; proving that he too has many questions for us. With its unique ability to bring people closer to their faith, the book is resonating with readers around the world.


Ellenwood, GA -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/29/2013 -- For over two thousand years people have questioned God about everything from his presence and intervention to his care and concern for our welfare. At the same time, some even question if he exists at all. However, thanks to a ground-breaking new book by Zaidie Crowe Carnegie, questions from God’s perspective are finally being exposed.

‘God Has Questions Too’ will help readers truly understand God’s desire for intimate, enlightening communication.


God Has Questions Too flips the tables on people; those who are always questioning God about his presence, intervention, care and concern for us, especially when we arrive at a crossroad in our lives.

It is at these times more than any other that people are more likely to ask, "Where is God? If He cares, why did he let this or that happen? God are you listening to me, can you hear me? How is it that bad people get away with hurting good people?'' The questions go on and on but are a variation of the same theme; Where is God when we want Him to be available for us, to help us, to change things to suit us?

There are questions in the Bible that God asked different individuals and these too were most often asked during times of crisis, challenges or in the face of personal/national difficulties and challenges! Isn't it strange that at the very times we are busy being confused, hurt, scared, suffering, desperate, God is asking us questions?

We ask questions because we do not know the answer. God asks because He does. He asks because He wants to shine His divine light into our dark places, our mess, our chaos, our pain and anguish so that we can be enlightened, empowered, and energized to go on with our lives, being stronger, wiser, much better than we were before.

God desires to commune with us daily, to be with us always and to help us achieve personal, spiritual growth. He wishes above all things that we prosper in all areas of our life. Each Chapter of this book is a God-question. This author’s approach is to look at the context of the question, the understanding that God was seeking to impart to the person being questioned and finally to consider how we would answer if we are asked that same question today.

As the author explains, she wrote her book to help the millions of people who question God and his concern for us.

“It is important that they come to know that there is a God who not only exists and cares but desires to have personal, deeply intimate communications with them in a trusting, loving relationship. Furthermore, that He is always with us whatever challenges arise. One method that He uses to get through to us is through probing, insightful and to-the-point questioning,” says Crowe Carnegie.

Continuing, “It is my desire to get us to consider important issues that concern us with God's guidance; issues that God thought important enough to bring to the attention of the individual directly concerned, and records in the Bible for our benefit today.”

Critics praise Crowe Carnegie for the diligent efforts she is taking to change the lives of others. Due to the book’s increasing popularity, interested readers are urged to purchase their copies as soon as possible.

‘God Has Questions Too’, published by Spirit Reign, is available now: http://bit.ly/10mMs5e

About the Author: Zaidie Crowe Carnegie
Zaidie Crowe Carnegie is a woman of God blessed to be a wife and mother. She is a legal professional who has worked extensively in the media and communications sector, including BBC Television in the United Kingdom. Zaidie is a published writer, as well as an experienced editor. She is an accomplished Public Speaker at Churches and Conferences. She currently spends her time between the United Kingdom and the USA fulfilling ministry and work engagements.