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'God Speaks Through Me', Says Author, Carla A. Pickett

For years ago, Carla A. Pickett was desperately trying to escape the lures of a traumatic relationship. After praying to God and putting her life in his hands, her new-found writing skills dramatically turned her life around. Today, with many published books and an amazing story to tell, Pickett has dedicated her life to spreading the word of the Lord.


Gettysburg, PA -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/28/2012 -- In 2008 Carla A. Pickett found herself in the same situation as millions of other American women – trapped in a dangerous and traumatic relationship that seemed inescapable. However, having put her trust in God from an early age, she knew that asking him for help was her only hope. Now boasting a new life and world-class writing skills, Pickett has released a number of compelling books to share the Lord’s work.

“When I pray, I immediately write the answer,” says Pickett, whose works include two religious poetry books, a book about her recent relationship and two books on the paranormal.

She continues, “I hand my poetry books to someone, tell them to turn to any page and I can watch them instantly break down in tears as my writing hits home. This is so, so powerful.”

Her two poetry books are titled ‘Self-Cleansing Religious Poems’ and ‘Blessed and Knowing’.

To date, her poetry has garnered a consistent string of rave reviews.

“This is undeniably some of the best poetry that I have ever read! Some of the poems felt like they were speaking directly to me, and allot of the poems seemed to apply to what I was experiencing, or have experienced in my life. It was uplifting and insightful to say the least,” says one reader, who reviewed Pickett’s poetry on Amazon.

While Pickett achieves creative genius within her poetry, her prose is also highly acclaimed.

“I have also written two books on paranormal, apparitions that I have captured during investigations of a bridge used during the Civil War. Also if you are familiar with the Civil War, you must have heard of Pickett's Charge. Pickett is my maiden name. The Civil War occurred in 1863. They are the last 4 digits of my social security number,” she adds.

The location, Sachs Bridge, was the location of a confederate hospital during the Civil War. With so much information and evidence at her hands, Pickett split her findings into two powerful volumes.

“These books further the proof that there are many forces in life that are more powerful that those we can perceive. From the life-changing word of the Lord through to the often-misunderstood workings of the paranormal – life is a lot deeper than most people can consciously recognize,” Pickett concludes.

All of Pickett’s works can be purchased via Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

For more information, please visit the author’s official website: http://www.spreadthewordworldwide.vpweb.com

About the author, in her own words:
I was born and raised in Baltimore, Maryland .I grew up in a single parent home, along with my sister Mary, and three brothers, Billy, Jeremy and Matt. Throughout life, we were not wealthy at all, could barely make ends meet. I was forced to become a mother to my siblings at the age of ten.

Many traumatic experiences occurred in our lives, at a very young age, causing us all to be very street smart, in order to survive. At the age of 23,I had three children Alicia, Jimmy, and Tyler, which really changed my life. Still holding my grudges towards my mother for childhood trauma. Cycle of life continued to spiral downward, so I thought, till I truly found the LORD. At that time, I sat for days in my room, alone, secluding myself from everyone. That was when, I realized ,that all of the experiences, I had experienced, that I had considered traumatic, were actually learning experiences, information that I would need to help others in the future. Everything that you think is bad ,happens for a reason, good will always follow