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Reno, NV -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/23/2016 -- The welcoming of new life into the world is one of the most exciting, pride-inducing moments a parent can have. Parents rejoice in their new bundle of joy, and all matter of family and friends itch to get a peek at the newborn child. There are some important moments in the early parts of a child's life, and one of those is the selection of their godparents. The gift giving gurus at Godparent Baptism Gifts recognize the importance of choosing the right godparents, a fact which is underscored by their picture-perfect wine, rocks, and beer glasses. Emblazoned with the timeless Godfather Movie logo, these picturesque gifts are the epitome of great gift giving, and are at the forefront of a new era in godparent selection.

Friends or family members that are asked to serve as godparent to a newborn have essentially been offered an esteemed role to serve as mentor and role model to the godchild. In fact, these days many parents are not limiting themselves to just one duo per child, but rather, they are bestowing the role of godparent on a number of individuals. This shift towards multiple godparents is coupled with a move towards less traditional, religious ceremonies. More and more parents are eschewing formal baptisms and christenings in favor of secular ceremonies. "The granting of the title of godparent is seen very differently these days, than in the past," explains owner and founder of Godparent Baptism Gifts John Mascarich. He continues "Recently there is a trend that is gaining in popularity, wherein new parents are electing to focus on how the godparents will coach and mentor the new child – a departure from the total reliance on scripture and rituals."

While new parents may be steering clear of formal ceremonies in recent years, this trend has been combined with a movement towards acknowledging multiple godparents for one child – a development that is great for Godparent Baptism Gifts. John commented further, saying "Unlike a best man or maid of honor, the godparent title can be given to multiple friends and family members. Each of these godparents can then be dutifully honored with our one-of-a-kind godmother and godfather presents. Suffice it to say, we are very much looking forward to Easter, as it marks the beginning of the season of baptisms. We also have new gifts coming down the pipeline: gifts specific for Hispanic baptisms (Bautizo) that feature El Padrino and La Madrina designs."

About Godparent Baptism Gifts
Godparent Baptism Gifts specializes in unique gifts for godparents. They create personalized glass beer steins, whiskey glasses, travel coffee mugs, engraved beer glasses and much more. Their products make for the perfect communion, christening or baptism gifts for a godmother or godfather. The gifts they generate represent the perfect way to ask the question "will you be my godparent?"