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God's Heavenly Gift: Jesus Returns to Present-Day Earth in Compelling Novel, Empowering Readers to Weigh Up Story's Biblical Prophecy vs Its Fiction

Masterfully crafted by R.T. Rodgers, ‘God’s Heavenly Gift: Are You Ready For This?’ tells the powerful story of Jesus returning to modern-day Earth in order to save all willing to accept Him as their personal savior. However, this is so much more than just a story; Rodgers melds Biblical prophecy with fiction, music and popular culture to prove to readers that a brighter future is ahead for all willing to accept the word of the Lord. The signs of Christ’s Second Coming are here….


Charlotte Hall, MD -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/06/2014 -- Many have wondered how Jesus would perceive the modern-day world upon his Second Coming, and how this would influence His ability to engage with the population. In a powerful, vivid and boldly-prophetic new novel, award-winning author and songwriter R.T. Rodgers bares all.

‘God’s Heavenly Gift: Are You Ready For This?’ is like no other story ever written; candidly depicting the Second Coming of Christ in today’s society. This literary beacon of hope not only tells a story millions need to hear, but carries the torch of hope for those confused or worried about the future.


Here lies the only true sequel to Killing Jesus and the Son of God. This uplifting story depicts the trials of the Messiah when He returns to present-day Earth to save the human race from eternal damnation. Jesus offers everlasting life to all who accept Him as their personal savior, but the real reason for His return is something that no one could have possibly imagined. A captivating and fast-paced thriller, Rodgers novel illustrates the world in chaos inspiring an intense journey to salvation. From southern Florida, through the heartland of America and on to the Middle East Jesus confronts relentless aggression, still he will save millions of followers on his journey of faith and forgiveness.

This entrancing tale fuses Biblical prophecy with popular fiction to create an astounding and thought-provoking novel. Rodgers intelligently designed this chronicle, incorporating music and humorous situations to make God's Heavenly Gift an inspiring tale for all ages.

“The main thing my book does is illustrate what is really going on in today’s world, cold hard facts, with absolutely no sugar-coating,” explains Rodgers. “Many of the signs of the Second Coming are right in front of us, but people still need something to strengthen their belief in humanity’s peaceful future. This story offers that hope; it displays the beautiful light that exists.”

Continuing, “But don’t confuse this as a thick novel only for hardened-Christians. It’s fun, light-hearted and written for the entire family. I’m a musician by trade so have interspersed the narrative with Jesus rapping and singing, living his life as a true modern-day superhero. There’s no bad language and the intense humor will have the entire family reveling. You really won’t find any other book like this out there!”

However, through the merriment, the book has a vitally-pertinent message.

“It begs the question – if Jesus were to come tomorrow, would you be ready? The events and issues depicted in the book are unfolding in the real world right now so, by the time they turn the last page, all readers should be able to answer this question with gusto,” Rodgers adds.

‘God’s Heavenly Gift: Are You Ready For This?’ is available now: http://amzn.to/1onWibL.

About R. T. Rodgers
R. T. Rodgers is an award-winning author and songwriter from Washington, DC. He’s an accomplished musician and theatrical arranger. He has won many awards for his various accomplishments and has twenty-five years of extensive research in the field of biblical prophecies and the coming apocalypse. He's highly respected as an expert on (OBE) out-of-body experiences. It is his hope that this book will help to enlighten people’s knowledge of what’s really going on in our ever-changing world.