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God's Not Dead the Proof: Mike Robinson's New Book "God's Not Dead: Many Proofs for the Christian Faith" Offers Rebuttal to the New Atheists and Skeptics


Dallas, TX -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/21/2014 -- God has proven that He is not dead in a way that rules out coincidence or chance. So says author Mike Robinson in his new book “God’s Not Dead: Many Proofs for the Christian Faith.” Inspired by the hit movie “God's Not Dead” starring Kevin Sorbo, David White, Dean Cain, Shane Harper, and the Newsboys the work aims to provide intellectual reasons why a college student, Josh Wheaton, can answer the challenge of a hostile atheist professor. So how should a believer respond to zealous, learned, and influential atheists who promote science and secularism over God and faith? For years, Mike Robinson has compiled a list of the most frequent reasons people say God is dead. And in “God’s Not Dead: Many Proofs for the Christian Faith,” he step-by-step dismantles each of them—it makes an excellent companion to the “God’s Not Dead” DVD. Written with skeptics, atheists, and agnostics in mind, Robinson also offers an intelligent platform on which Christians can stand their ground when bombarded by those who claim God is dead. “God’s Not Dead” challenges such belief systems at their core as he directs the reader to numerous proofs for Christianity.

"How can I know for sure that God is alive? Why have so many wars been fought in the name of God? Why isn’t Christianity more inclusive? Can anyone prove the existence of God? Doesn’t evolution disprove the Bible? How could Bible prophets predict the precise date of Jesus's life many years in advance? Why does my own mind point to the existence of God? If God is so good, why is there so much suffering in our world? These are just a few of the questions even devoted believers struggle with today". In the book, Mike Robinson uses historical evidence, logical proof, philosophy, real-life conversations and science, and even pop culture to explain how all people can know that God’s not dead. Robinson proves that faith in a living God is a soundly intellectual belief, held by thoughtful people of rational integrity with a deep compassion for those who truly want to know that God’s not dead.

In this defense of the Christian faith, Robinson mines proof and evidence from a multitude of topics and disciplines to make an intellectually compelling case for God. Written for skeptics and the believers who dialogue with them, the volume draws on the author's encounters as a pastor, university minister, and global apologist. One of Robinson's most provocative arguments is that all things in reality, directly or indirectly, prove the existence of God. Drawing on diverse apologetic sources, Robinson attempts to deconstruct everyone he finds in his way, from the new atheists Richard Dawkins and Sam Harris to popular authors who claim that God is dead. In “God’s Not Dead: Many Proofs for the Christian Faith,” Robinson utilizes new and unique arguments for God’s existence as well as placing well-known arguments in a fresh context.

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Author Mike Robinson is a noted author of several books about Christianity, including several available on Amazon. Among his titles are “Lying: The Case Against Dishonesty,” “God Does Exist!” and “Killing Christ: Contesting Trendy Critics Regarding the Death and Resurrection of Jesus.”

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