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God's Wife: New Book Uncovers Bible's Longest Yet Most Overlooked Analogy - The Powerful & Enlightening Story of God's Marriage

Masterfully researched and crafted by Harold Power, ‘God’s Wife’ tells the often-ignored story of how God met, married and adorned His wife. By following this analogy, any Christian can gain a more complete understanding of the Bible’s storyline and the emotional dynamics of God’s relationship with His people. For the first time, Power compiles dozens of verses that bring this analogy to life and present the Bible’s story in its true full-circle.


Indianapolis, IN -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/16/2014 -- While sixty-three consecutive Bible verses describe God and His wife’s dysfunctional relationship, and a further forty-nine verses reiterate their struggles - few even acknowledge that God met a beautiful woman, married her, adorned her and was eventually left to pick up the pieces after she sacrificed their offspring and was unfaithful to their bond. In short, the story of God and His wife is the most overlooked analogy in the Bible, yet a vital component of making its story ‘complete’.

Author Harold Power has achieved a ‘history’s first’ by compiling the verses that make up this analogy into a single book, ‘God’s Wife’, and bringing this compelling story to life.


Amid the "Thou shalt not's" and the "Thus sayeth the Lord's" lies a frequently ignored story of a marriage gone wrong between God and His wife. This story is more than just a footnote in Scripture, more than just a brief analogy that, once given, is quickly discarded. It is a story that is so thoroughly described through Scripture that it makes up the entire story line of the Bible. Any reader who can extract the relationship woven into the verses, and discern that the prophets' work was to heal a matrimonial dysfunction will find themselves witnesses to the most elaborate love story ever recorded.

Prepare yourselves! God's Wife will escort you step by step through the humble meeting of God and His wife, their lavish love that ended in adultery, the punishments that God enacted in His jealousy, and, finally, the reconciliation and epic restoration.

This book's one guarantee to everyone is that once you have read Scripture through this "Lovers' quarrel" paradigm, you will never be satisfied reading it from any other perspective again!

“The book is the culmination of fifteen years of study, and I’m the only person in history to pick through the Bible’s edits and censorship to bring this wonderful story of love and adversity to the public – definitively,” says Power. “By understanding this most important of analogies, Christians can simplify the Bible and begin to see the emotional dynamics of God. His love is of course great, but His jealousy and desire for salvation is equally as bold.”

Continuing, “This analogy is hardly ever mentioned or taught to congregations, yet it’s the true ‘missing link’ to understanding the Bible from a holistic standpoint. My intention with the book is to give the scriptures directly to the people, shock them from their complacency and circumvent the censors that are preventing their understanding.”

Power believes that societal timing for this book couldn’t be better.

“We have a modern-day marriage crisis on our hands, with adultery at an all-time high. As humanity struggles with the institution of marriage, we need a new teaching from the Bible that deals specifically with these struggles. Those teachings have always been there, but my book brings them to each Christian directly; it’s certainly one of the most powerful stories ever told,” he adds.

‘God’s Wife’, published by Harold Power Publishing, is available now: http://www.thebookgodswife.com.

About Harold Lucas Power
Writer and advent researcher of spiritual doctrines, Harold Lucas Power, was born in Chicago Illinois. His father was a Chemist by day and a researcher for the University of Chicago by night. His mother was the director of the largest library on Chicago’s south side.

After receiving his undergraduate degree from the prestigious Florida A&M University, Harold started his career researching techniques and writing training manuals applicable in Chicago’s convention hotel district. In his private time he put to use his creative writing talents by composing three volumes of poetry, eventually extending his interest into the realm of publishing.

2013 Harold founded his own publishing company Harold Power Publishing LLC, through it he plans to continue releasing books filled with exciting discoveries, intriguing insights, and thought provoking commentaries on all things spiritual.