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God's Wife Speaks Out! New Book Fuses Humor & Religion to Present Good-Humored Send-Up of Humankind's Most Dearly Held Beliefs

Written by J.F. Conroy, ‘God’s Wife: in her own words’ takes a fun and light-hearted look at many beliefs that millions hold close to their hearts. Following the tumultuous life of Brenda, God’s wife, the novel throws readers into a world of sexless angels, dissatisfied spouses and divine online roleplaying games. Side-splitting yet respectful – it’s an examination of human religious belief unlike anything written before.


Philadelphia, PA -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/20/2013 -- While many have tried to personify God, few could imagine him as an RPG-obsessed gamer called Kenny. However, J.F. Conroy’s latest book doesn’t claim to be ‘normal’. In fact, it could be the most unique examination of religious belief ever committed to paper.

‘God’s Wife: in her own words’ is as hilarious as it is important. Conroy’s creative talent whips up some of humankind’s most steadfast beliefs and twists them into a gripping tale that has already had thousands of readers examining their own approaches to religion.


There’s trouble in Paradise, and God’s wife, Brenda, is ready to dish. Brenda takes us along as she meets Kenny (God), marries him and learns to live with his obsession for the Game, an interstellar RPG. Brenda also tells us about the mistakes the Players have made on Earth, Kenny's foibles and how she would do things better.

We meet other Players--Bob Allah and Jimmy Death, for example--and learn how they compete with Kenny. Brenda introduces Kenny's angels, obsequious beings created to serve and praise.

Finally, we learn that Brenda wants to become a Player herself, and she shares the scheme with us.

As the author explains, his book has a unique approach to conventional religious belief; an approach that will leave readers with plenty to think about.

“While different, I believe that dramatizing God and depicting him as a human is vital to relate religion and its teaching to our own lives. This dramatic interpretation of the scriptures allows us to look at what we believe in a light-hearted way. For example, Brenda shares her opinions about the other Gods and the universe in general in a humorous manner that makes the futility of it all seem not so bad,” says Conroy.

Continuing, “There’s revelation after revelation, each one more outrageous than the last and told with rapid pace. However, at its very core, my narrative doesn’t insult any belief or try to belittle religion in any way. However, it does use humor to candidly point out that nobody truly has a lock on the truth.”

Conroy has been pleasantly surprised by the diversity of his audience.

“I’m getting great feedback from both agnostic readers and religious clergy – proof that this is a widely-applicable book with a serious undertone. It’s perfect for stimulating debate during Bible study or for laying out arguments to the ultimate question – is there a God at all? It will certainly leave readers with plenty to ponder! He adds.

‘God’s Wife: in her own words’, published by Stone Bench Press, is available now: http://amzn.to/18xWapa.

About J.F. Conroy
“My academic training has been in three areas: Languages and Literatures of the Ancient Near East, World Languages and Social Psychology. For over four decades I have taught French, Spanish, Italian, German, Esperanto and Latin, at the high school and college levels. I also taught Mediation Techniques. I wrote phrasebooks and readers for the World Languages market. One of these, Le Monstre dans le métro (“The Monster in the subway,” AMSCO, New York, 1972) was an all-time best seller among French readers. The book has been replaced by my new reader Frissons (“Shivers,” AMSCO, 2005) and its Spanish version Escalofríos (2006). My latest books are The World in Your Cup (written with Emilie Conroy, DNA Press, 2006), about tea and tea leaf reading; and À l’aventure (EMC Paradigm, 2008), a reworked and updated edition of my popular French series.”