Discount Gold Brokers, Inc. Stays Committed to Its Bargain Pricing Philosophy


Los Angeles, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/08/2012 -- In the highly competitive precious metals industry, companies compete daily to secure market share. And in a landscape where they are at liberty to establish retail pricing, Discount Gold Brokers stays committed to the bottom line. “Our commitment to discounted pricing is the foundation for our success”, a company spokesman stated, “we believe that it is inexcusable that other companies impose premiums that are only designed to improve their profit margins at the investors expense”.

The concept that investors should have unfettered access to the precious metals market lies at the core of their philosophy. By offering gold and silver bullion at zero percent above dealer cost; they have shown a firm commitment to that approach. In addition, the Company occasionally offers “Spot Specials”, which allow investors to purchase gold at the current spot price when certain criteria are met.

The consumer friendly orientation is further extended by offering 24 hour live trader access for those late night consumers desiring to take advantage of dips in the spot price in the Asian and European markets. The company also has a very generous spot-price “repurchase agreement” and offers free silver with every trade.

About Discount Gold Brokers
We have helped thousands of customers with expert consultation from our trained professionals with years of experience in all facets of gold coin collecting and selling and buying numismatic rarities and antiquities. What you see on our web site represents a small sample of the inventory we represent.

Discount Gold Brokers imports US and Foreign Gold, Antiquities and Artifacts from all over the world via sources we developed during our ten years in this business. Our knowledgeable staff of trained experts, vast experience and fingers on the pulse of multiple markets enables us to find and provide great deals on rare coins to our customers.