Gold Investing for Beginners: New Ebook Released


Philadelphia, PA -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/04/2013 -- Blue Sky Publishing LLC has just published its latest in the Kindle eBook “Easy Way to Invest” series: The Easy Way to Invest in Gold: Precious Metals for the Beginning Investor. This short eBook is packed with no-fluff information, explaining how even investors with small amounts of cash can buy into the booming gold market.

Gold prices are soaring, as high as $1,700 per ounce as of this writing, which is more than 300% higher than just seven years ago! As a result, everyone wants to invest in gold, holding at least a portion of gold in their portfolio to balance out the volatility in stocks and diversify their accounts.

The Easy Way to Invest in Gold explains the three different ways to start investing in gold. Readers will learn what gold bullion is, how to buy gold coins, and the alternatives to buying gold. It will show the best way to buy into the gold market for small investors, and how to find reputable dealers. There are lists of gold investment options for further examination, as well as resources where readers can learn more and find places to buy gold.

Simply written in terms the beginning investor can understand, The Easy Way to Invest in Gold explains why every investor should have a little gold as part of a well-diversified portfolio. “Even though gold prices are high, there are options for investing with small sums of money,” according to author Susan Calhoun. “Investors with as little as $100 can purchase gold investments, and broaden their portfolio. It makes sense in today’s economic reality.”

The Easy Way to Invest in Gold: Precious Metals for the Beginning Investor, is available on Amazon for all Kindle ereaders. To find out more, visit for more information.

CONTACT: Susan Calhoun, Blue Sky Publishing LLC
Philadelphia, PA