Gold IRA Investing Reveals Shocking Facts About Gold Investing and the U.S. Economy


Seattle, WA -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/04/2013 -- David Fowler announces compelling gold investment facts and why it is important to invest in a gold IRA for long term growth and maximum gains.

“I've done a lot of research and in this video I share what I learned about gold IRA investments. There is a lot of information about why it is a good idea to make a gold IRA investment, and a reputable company I found to help me do that.” Says David Fowler, a freelance writer based out of Seattle.

With the state of the economy, the future strength of the U.S dollar is extremely concerning. Most people would not be prepared if the value of the dollar completely vanished, which how the value of different currencies has diminished is not a far fetched idea. The value of paper money is simply not reliable, in fact dollars are now worth 97% less then it used to be. Over the course of the recent economic downfall there have been some serious realizations for a lot of people, such as not being able to rely on the stock market, real estate, social security etc. So if people can not depend on the dollar, then what is reliable as a financial investment for the future? Gold. You see, the value of gold continues to increase, and for over literally thousands of years has been very valuable, and never worth zero.

In fact, the value of gold will continue to go up even if the economy still has stock market failure, currency failure, high unemployment or more foreclosures. Even recently gold has proven to be increasing in value, in August of 2011 gold reached a new record high of $1,908, even in the midst of the recession gold is staying strong. Clearly gold is the most reliable financial asset for the future, but what is the best way to invest in it? Because of the economic downturn, 401K's and IRA's are at risk, which is why the safest option (and what a lot of people are doing) is rolling over a usual IRA into a gold IRA, yes you can do that.

Obviously with something as important as your 401K you want to be careful how you go about doing this, luckily there is a truly reputable company called Regal Assets that can help you with gold IRA investing.

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