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Gold IRA Investments Launches a New Gold Investing Awareness Campaign

Thanks to the recent decline in the stock market, kicks off a new campaign to ensure investors understand they have options when it comes to their investment portfolio


Ottawa, ON -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/26/2014 -- On July 31, 2014, the American stock market dropped 317 points, turning the stock negative for the year. Experts blame the decline on the approaching end of the Federal Reserve's economic stimulus and disappointing corporate earnings reports. Individuals concerned about trends seen in the stock market over the past few years continue to look for ways to bolster their investment portfolio, with many now choosing to look into gold ira investing.

"Individuals weary of ups and downs in the stock market and those who invested in the housing market only to find their house was now under water are turning to a gold ira to protect their financial future. Precious metals tend to be very stable when compared to currencies, such as the dollar which continues to devalue. In addition, gold continues to act as a hedge against adverse economic policies, as it has done in the past," Joseph Conrad of Gold IRA Investments states.

A gold 401k rollover provides investors with an easy way to invest in precious metals, yet care must be taken when choosing this investment vehicle. One needs to understand the rules established by the IRS as only certain items may be used in the IRA. In addition, the investor cannot have possession of the precious metals. An IRS approved custodian must be selected to hold the metals, if they are to be used for this purpose.

"One needs to find a reputable company to work with, one geared to both new precious metals investors and those who have been investing in gold and silver for a period of time. A company of this type works with the new investor to make certain he or she understands the rules for the gold IRA. For those who have been investing in precious metals for some time, the company needs to work with the investor to help him/her maximize their return on investment," Conrad goes on to say.

Diversification remains key to a successful investment portfolio, and one needs to research various companies to find a reputable one to invest their hard earned money with. Many opt for bullion, while others prefer gold coins. Care must be taken as many assume collector coins offer the best return on investment, yet they actually do not. One should never rush when investing in gold or silver as there is much to learn about doing so.

"Visit Gold IRA Investments to read investment tips, learn more about gold IRA options, and request a free gold IRA kit. The site provides the information investors need to make an informed decision about their investment portfolio. With the help of precious metals, one finds they can protect their wealth and have the funds they need to enjoy life to the fullest," Conrad declares.

About Gold IRA Investments
Americans remain concerned about the economy and social security and what the future holds in terms of their financial security, leaving many to look for new ways to secure their wealth and grow it. Many choose to work in the retirement years to ensure they have the funds needed to live in the manner they are accustomed to, yet others choose to make use of a gold IRA to protect their wealth now and in the future. Gold and other precious metals tend to hold their value as other asset classes witness a decline, providing individuals with the security they desire as they age.