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Gold IRA Nova Releases New Guide for Greater Investment Security with Precious Metals

Company's newly released work teaches even less-sophisticated investors how to use the inherent value of gold, silver, and platinum to build more stable nest eggs, Gold IRA Nova reports


Los Angeles, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/25/2014 -- Gold IRA Nova, an online resource providing reviews and guides for those interested in precious-metals-backed individual retirement accounts, announced the release of a new guide. Aimed at those with no prior experience with gold-based IRAs, the comprehensive guide covers a variety of common questions and pitfalls. Gold IRA Nova's new guide is the product of the company's extensive, ongoing educational focus and is available free of charge to visitors to the company's website.

"With broader swaths of the American investing public becoming increasingly suspicious about the actions of the Federal Reserve and the fluctuations of the equity markets," company representative Roger Hull said, "IRAs backed by gold and other precious metals are becoming more and more popular. Our new guide will help even those with no previous experience learn all they need to know." For much of human history, currencies issued by governments were either made themselves from precious metals or backed by promises that they could be redeemed for them. During World War I, a number of European powers for the first time issued currencies whose value derived, instead, solely from the credibility and enforcement of the issuing governments. The Great Depression furthered this worldwide process of moving away from the stability and inherent value of gold and other precious metals, and, today, virtually every currency in use is backed only by fiat.

While many claim that there are real advantages inherent in such freely-floating currencies, including the ability for central governments to shape economic conditions within their borders by altering money supplies, many investors believe that the downsides are formidable. Investors of this persuasion have long argued that gold and other precious metals can make excellent hedges against the sorts of problems endemic to modern, fiat-currency-based economies. Today, thanks to the efforts of a large number of reliable, highly professional financial services companies, even investors who are taking care of their retirement savings have many investment options which can provide that type of security. Gold IRA Nova's newly released guide, available at, covers these issues and more and serves as an especially useful supplement to the company's extensive and in-depth reviews of the best and most popular precious-metals-backed IRA trustees.

"We're as proud of our new guide as we are of the work we've been doing reviewing IRA providers," Hull concluded, "and we're confident that these tools will help to open the eyes of and provide valuable guidance for new waves of investors." Investors who make use of Gold IRA Nova's newly released guide to come up to speed on the subject will find that the reviews of particular services the company offers, along with others available at its sister site at, will help to complete the picture for them. Equipped with such informational backing, investors will then find themselves in better position to navigate the hazards of the modern investing environment.

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