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Gold IRA Rollover Advisor Launches Free to Download Gold Investment Kit

Gold IRA Rollover Advisor has created a gold investment kit which enables people to make the best investments for the best returns, and is allowing users to download it free for a limited time only.


San Francisco, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/23/2014 -- Gold investment is increasingly catching on as an attractive alternative to traditional investments, especially for those with an IRA who are concerned about the value of their money when it comes to the future. Even with interest, paper money devalues at a considerable rate with every generation, while gold has consistently been seen to increase in value over time. Gold IRA Rollover Advisor is a site committed to helping people take the step from a cash-based to a gold-based IRA, and has stepped up their game with the provision of a free to download Gold Investment Kit from Regal Assets.

The Gold Investment Kit was created after Regal Assets was featured in Forbes Magazine, and is available for a limited time only to help individuals make the best investing decisions, step by step. The kit includes detailed information from Regal Assets together with a free DVD featuring a documentary that exposed the secrets of the Federal Reserve and a gold price chart to best assess options.

A gold investment kit is especially useful for individuals looking to rollover their IRA because it provides every step necessary to secure a gold investment IRA, the value of which will continue to appreciate while paper currencies depreciate due to inflation.

A spokesperson for Gold IRA Rollover Advisor explained, “We recommend Regal Assets because they are the most trusted source of Gold based IRA rollovers in the market. Because gold investment is becoming so popular, there are many companies out there looking to take advantage of this desire to make a profit for themselves, where Regal Assets are an honest and straightforward broker with the customer’s best interests at heart. Their free gold investment kit is an invaluable tool and we are happy to recommend it to our users so they can begin taking the right steps right away.”

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