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Gold IRA Rollover Premium Investing Kit Now Available to Qualified Investors at GoldIRARollover.co


Burbank, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/03/2013 -- It used to be that having an Individual Retirement Account (IRA) or 401k was enough to put the mind at ease when it came to retirement planning. However, given today’s turbulent economic times, investors need to consider whether the money they’re putting into their investments will actually hold its projected value. Some analysts predict that with escalating inflation rates and higher than normal cost of living increases, even the most conservative long-term financial plans could be in jeopardy. Regal Assets has released a new investment guide available at http://goldirarollover.co to help investors understand how diversifying their retirement portfolios with a Gold Backed IRA can help secure their financial future.

Traditional paper money is losing its worth faster than ever. A 2013 dollar compared to a 1914 dollar is only worth two pennies in today’s economy. So, while investors may be allocating considerable amounts of their income to their retirement accounts, as recommended by their financial advisors, the actual value of these accounts may depreciate inordinately by the time they’re ready to retire. Regal Assets offers alternative investment strategies such as a Gold IRA Rollover, as outlined in the new guide, that can help protect the future value of one’s retirement portfolio.

As the Gold Investment Kit explains, investors can implement a safety net for these volatile markets – a Gold Backed IRA or 401k backed by physical gold. Some experts feel that 10-20 percent of one’s entire portfolio should be backed with precious metals, like gold. Unlike paper currency, gold has no nationality and cannot be created to stimulate an economy. Its supply grows slowly and constantly at about two percent every year and because of its scarcity, gold will always remain invaluable. In fact, when stock markets crash and currency values fail, gold is often sought out by savvy investors as a safe haven.

“If you had purchased $33,000 of gold in 2002, you could sell that gold today for around $200,000” said a Regal Assets spokesperson. “That’s over 600 percent return on investment.” Given these facts Regal routinely guides their clients through the process of converting their Traditional IRAs, , Simple IRAs, SEPs, Roth IRAs and 401k’s into a Gold IRA Investment.

About Regal Assets
Regal Assets is a prestigious precious metals dealer that has successfully backed thousands of retirement accounts with precious metals bullion, coins and bars since 2003. With 16 offices across the world, Regal Assets is a global business leader in precious metals investments and has earned an A+ rating from the BBB and a five star rating from TrustLink. For more information on the benefits of a Gold IRA Rollover and to receive a complimentary copy of their Gold Investment Kit with valuable information on precious metals investing, call (877) 692-4201 or simply visit: http://goldirarollover.co