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Gold IRA Rollovers Publishes Two New Reviews of Gold-Backed IRA Companies

Reviews reveal which industry players are most likely to provide satisfaction, reports Gold IRA Rollovers


Manhattan, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/04/2014 -- Gold is known as a metal that is bought and hoarded by investors, but this isn't the only way it can be used to increase wealth and guard against the effects of inflation. It can also be used to back other financial instruments, such as IRAs, to provide many of the same benefits that it does sitting in an individual's vault. This makes it easier for people to gain the benefits of gold even if they are not interested in accumulating physical bullion.

Gold IRA Rollovers has launched a site at to let people know all about gold-backed IRAs and how they work. The first page goes over all of the basics while pointing out the deficiencies in traditional paper-backed IRAs. "Funds that are backed by paper instruments like stocks, bonds, and even currency are subject to a huge amount of market fluctuation," said Ben Greg of Gold IRA Rollovers. "While the price of gold doesn't stay exactly the same over time, it doesn't change nearly as much as assets that are basically pieces of printed paper. This makes gold-backed funds much more secure than their counterparts."

Once someone decides to go ahead and roll their traditional IRA into a gold-backed one, the next step is to decide which gold IRA company to deal with. It turns out that there are several of them, so it will take some research to make that determination.

"To help people decide on a provider, we have provided reviews of some of the most well-known companies. Recently, we added a Regal Assets review to our list. Thanks to its benefits, it earned our #1 ranking as of this time. It offers gold in the form of bullion, coins, and bars, and it also offers assets backed by gold and silver. Some of its benefits include a lack of setup fees, minimal complaints, and low yearly flat fees." Greg said.

"We also have a Sterling Trust review up now," Greg continued. "Sterling Trust is actually now known as Equity International, but the old name is still commonly used. Unlike Regal Assets, Sterling Trust has generated plenty of complaints. It also has a lowly 2-star rating from Trust Rank. Even though it has quite a few customers, we believe that these things are bad news and that investors should go with a company that has a much higher satisfaction rate."

These widely-differing reviews show that Gold IRA Rollovers isn't a site that only exists to tout partner firms. It delivers no-holds-barred reviews that show both the good and the bad so that investors know what to watch out for as well as which companies are worth a closer look. This makes it a valuable resource for those who are considering rolling their regular IRA over in favor of a gold-backed one.

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