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Gold IRA Rollovers Releases Newest Rankings of Gold-Backed IRA Products

Reviewer's take on current state of industry includes surprising findings


Manhattan, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/30/2014 -- IRA reviewer Gold IRA Rollovers announced the release of a new set of rankings. The newly compiled list represents the results of comparing a wide selection of providers of gold-backed individual retirement accounts according to a number of important factors. Like the rest of the company's offerings, it is designed to help investors better plan for their retirement years by making it easier for them to sort through the many products of this sort that are available on the market today.

"We work hard producing in-depth reviews of the many gold-backed IRAs that are out there," representative Ben Greg said, "and our latest set of rankings provides a good summary of our findings in an easily accessible form." Addressing a dearth of impartial, detailed information of this sort, the company focuses solely on studying and analyzing IRA account products whose value is tied to the price of gold and other precious metals. Many of today's investors are especially attracted to these options because they seem to have undeniable inherent value, a contrast to IRAs which are backed by equities and other abstract assets which could potentially become worthless.

"As usual, we discovered some really interesting things as we studied fee structures, management philosophies, and other crucial issues," Greg stated, "and our results are definitely going to surprise even many well-informed investors." Although all of the products Gold IRA Rollovers reviews derive their value from being tied to gold and other precious metals, they can vary quite widely in other respects. For example, the regular fees charged by a number of different IRA services can result in their delivering substantially different returns to investors, even when they are based on identical baskets of metals.

The company's reviews of individual IRA products and providers are the deepest and most comprehensive to be found anywhere. Its American Bullion review and Lear Capital review have both received notable attention from investment specialists for pointing out some previously under-appreciated features of the IRA products these services offer. It is one of the most commonly referenced online sources for such reviews, and its previous rankings of gold-backed IRA providers have met with similarly great interest. The latest set of rankings, along with the rest of the company's offerings, can be viewed at

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