Gold Medalist Ice Skater Turned Photographer Jamie Klingler Seeks Funding via Rocket Hub for the Creation of Reverse Social Media Photo Search

RSMPS is a unique and powerful search engine designed to locate photographs anywhere on the Internet. Identify anyone in any picture.


Matawan, NJ -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/08/2014 -- Jamie Klingler is a two-time Gold Medalist Ice Skater (Nationals). When she fell ill and retired from skating, Jamie became a professional photographer. She always had an interest in photography and has been fortunate enough to work with some of the best Photographers and Videographers in the United States. Jamie put together the most talented engineers she could find and began developing her own Search Engine. Jamie is now the partner in a Detroit-based "think-tank" that specializes in providing new web based technologies to the public that are entirely free of charge.

The proprietary RSMPS Engine is a web-based platform by which individual users can search the internet for a particular photo, or a series of photos, based upon a digital "sample photo" uploaded to the site.

RSMPS utilizes Facial Recognition Technology filters, to identify, and match the same subject in multiple photos, and then finds those photos on the internet, that contain the same individual. Key features of the site include:

- Complete Anonymity. No personal information is stored. Photos are not stored, just their unique digital "fingerprint".
- The search engine will be completely free of charge.
- The search engine will be capable of "batch" searches, meaning that, entire folders of photos and videos can be uploaded at one time.
- Digital works that have been posted without permission can be hidden from the general public, provided that the ORIGINAL photo is uploaded, and the photograph found is a match.
- Photos and Videos found through RSMPS are provided to the USER in a report that includes a complete profile of the offending site. This aids in potential litigation in the future, should the user opt to have their photos permanently removed, as opposed to being "masked" or "hidden" from the General Public.

Jamie Klingler didn't start this project for monetary gain. However, the reality is, she does need funding to complete the R&D, and to purchase servers that are capable of handling the enormous amount of data processed through the site.

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