Gold Rush in the European Domain Market


Highland Park, TX -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/03/2013 -- The domain names in the European domain market are constantly growing in numbers in Europe and even in some parts of the world. The Council of European National Top level Domain Registries, also known as CENTR, is a non-profit organization in Europe which manages domain registries. They are also responsible to keep the statistics of domain registrations on track. Their present numbers deliberately show that top level domain registrations have brought consistent growth.

Some domain names, such as .com, .net, .org, and many others have already become boring and dull in the internet environment and people are searching for a more focused and specific domain names for their certain product, company, or even for their personal websites. These specific domain names, particularly the generic top level domains or the gTLDs and the country code top level domains or the ccTLDs, provides a more definite and perfect domain names for certain registrants. Examples of generic top level domains are .agency, .camera, .news, and others while the country code top level domains are .tk, .de, .it, and many more. There are more choices for registrants to select domain names according to their preference and purpose. For some it’s more complicated to remember these domain names while some prefers it that way because of the precision it offers, especially to the located it refers to.

With the growing gTLD registrations in the world, ccTLDs are still growing faster in number within the European countries than the gTLDs. The number of registrations in the European Domain Market has increased to about 6.2% in April 2013 in just 6 months. The overall total actually reached for about 258 million of registration in the domain names. In country code top-level domains, .tk or the Tokelau has the highest number of registration since this domain offers mostly free domains for registration. However, the domain names .de for Germany, .uk for United Kingdom, .cn for China, and .nl for Netherlands have taken the top 5 highest number of global registrants next to Tokelau or the .tk, accordingly.

After their closing evaluation in April 2013, there are about 64 million ccTLDs registrants under management. And the renewal rate is maintained in the past 3 years at 79%. The domains that are commonly used are for commercial purposes, such as for brands, companies, and products. And the average characters in the domain name are about 10 characters. You can just imagine how many domains in the internet that is needed to be managed, and this statistics is only in the European Domain Market.

For the entire European domain market, both generic top-level domains and country code top-level domains are playing well in the European domain market. More and more companies, corporations and even personal domains have been registered and are managed for internet security, safety, and progress. The CENTR is expecting more registration among the top and prominent ccTLDs as well as the gTLDs in the next months ahead since more Internet users and clients are getting interested with the ongoing growth and development of such gTLDs and ccTLDs in the domain market these days.

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