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Gold Saler Publishes Two Timely, Valuable New Free Guides to Investing in Gold

New guides will provide detailed, accessible answers to two of the most common questions new gold investors have, Gold Saler reports


Carson City, NV -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/31/2014 -- Gold Saler, one of the Internet's most comprehensive resources for those interested in investing in gold and other previous metals, announced the release of a pair of new guides. Available free of charge to all visitors to, the guides provide detailed, plain-spoken answers to a pair of the questions most commonly raised by new precious metals investors.

The first guide covers the topic of gold-backed individual retirement accounts, going over the strengths and common features of this retirement-savings option, as well as suggesting ways by which investors might discover the providers that are most worthy of entrusting their investments to. The second new guide provides a rundown of the reasons that investors might consider putting money into gold or other precious metals in the first place, with a special focus on the economic conditions of today that contribute to the increasing popularity of such investments.

"With a variety of specialized, in-depth reviews and other offerings already in place, we at Gold Saler decided it was time to go back to the basics," Gold Saler representative Scott Hunter said, "Our two new guides are going to help investors become more grounded in some of the most important topics regarding gold investing." After a stretch of decades during which many investors had come to think of precious metals investing as overly slow-paced or lacking in potential, interest in gold, silver, and platinum has increased rapidly since the turn of the millennium. At the present time, gold trades well below the historic high it reached in 2011, leading some experts to suggest that now is an especially opportune moment for buying the commodity.

Gold remains the most popular metal of all for investing purposes, and an increasing number of investors find in it and other precious metals a refuge against financial uncertainty and the fluctuations and instability of fiat currencies. Gold Saler was created to help such investors find their way, by offering up useful, unbiased reviews and informative articles that can help investors quickly come up to speed with this kind of investing.

The newly released guides will help make Gold Saler an even more valuable and rewarding source of information for those seeking to learn more about how to invest in gold and other precious metals. The gold ira guide the company just published is one of the most comprehensive and detailed to be found anywhere and is intended to help even investors with no previous background or experience quickly and easily understand all of the relevant issues. The guide covering the reasons that investors might be interested in precious metals is similarly thorough and fills a gap in the available online offerings that Gold Saler visitors had increasingly remarked upon to the site's operators. Both guides are available free of charge and without any obligation to all visitors to Gold Saler.

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