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Gold Sherpa Announces New Gold Rush as Billionaires Increase Their Gold Holdings


New York, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/28/2012 -- Gold has been one of the most sought after type of investments this year by wealthy investors, due to the unpredictability of paper currencies, stock market and real estate. Gold Sherpa has announced that gold prices have been steadily rising over the past five years, and now many billionaires are increasing their investments in gold, prompting what could be a new gold rush before the beginning of 2013.

Gold Sherpa is an online portal run by financial analysts passionate about precious metal markets. They offer advice on a range of investment options for newcomers and intermediate investors, including advice on investing through an IRA account or 401k. They also offer advice to collectors, with a wide variety of information on gold bullion coins and advice on proper buying and storage techniques. The site also posts regular news on trends in the precious metal markets through their blog, written by their expert analysts.

One of their latest articles posits the rising stock of gold, citing Soros Fund Management LLC buying 1.35 million shares, the biggest single buy in two years, to increase their stake in SDPR Gold Trust to 49%. The article provides insight on the future of gold stocks in light of the move, with 16 analysts predicting a record high in stock value to be reached by the end of 2013.

Not only does the website look into the ‘what’ of these trends, but also posits the ‘why’. A spokesperson for Gold Sherpa explained what may seem like a counterintuitive trend to some, “Billionaires are increasing their gold investments precisely because the economic landscape doesn’t look promising in 2013. Of all the possible investments, gold is seen as one of the safest- it has rarely seen a fall in value since records began and seems virtually impervious to the boom and bust of the markets, showing a consistent, steady rise. Using gold to invest in retirement strategies is a wise choice, and one we’d recommend at least for the time being. We offer detailed articles on how to invest through IRA’s, 401k’s and EFT’s, using the consistent market power of gold to provide peace of mind for people’s futures.”

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