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Golden Globe Nominated Producer Edward Bass Offers a Free Film Class

The workshop will start in November 2013, and it includes numerous activities enabling students to receive IMDB credit


Los Angeles, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/29/2013 -- Edward Bass is a famous filmmaker and a syndicated satirist who has been nominated for the Golden Globe Awards. The Edward Bass Film School is now offering a free film class to all those who wish to pursue a career in film or related fields. The workshop will be commencing from November 11 2013, and covers almost all aspects of financing, script preparation, casting, filming, development and sales.

The authorities guarantee that the classes will not include any typical intern work regarding making coffee, carrying out trash, and so on. The production work and script writing of a feature film project included in the workshop will help students in receiving IMDB credit.

The program is expected to give enough focus on all areas of filmmaking ranging from pre-production to post-production work. The classes will be composed of The Producers Workshop, The Lighting Workshop, The Filmmaking Workshop and Post-Production. All the instructors will provide complete assistance to students, in order to make them experts in the unique craft of filmmaking and related activities.

Edward Bass Films past producing partners were Sir Anthony Hopkins, Guillermo Del Toro, Stanley Kramer and Kevin Spacey. Learning the art of making films from such a recognized and established school will certainly help students in achieving success in their desired careers.

One of the students of Edward Bass’s film class says, “The Producer’s Workshop discussed the essentials of the producer’s job, we have learned the basic of casting, ways to raise funds for the project and marketing tactics.”

Each class and project is said to be designed in such a way to fulfill the purpose and objective behind filmmaking. Students are ensured hands-on training, especially in various shooing techniques, direction and so forth. Aspirants who wish to continue in this field can benefit from the information acquired through the projects and workshops conducted by Edward Bass.

This filmmaker has several years of experience in the film industry, which enables him to successfully impart basic as well as detailed information about moviemaking. Complete details on the activities in the film class can be collected from the website edwardbass.tv.

Become a winner by attending the free film classes offered by the Golden Globe nominated producer Edward Bass. To get more details about this free class, visit http://www.edwardbass.tv/EdwardBass_FilmSchool

Readers can collect information on Edward Bass from http://www.imdb.com/name/nm1733108/?ref_=fn_al_nm_1

About Edward Bass
Edward Bass is a well-known filmmaker who has to his credit several achievements. The Edward Bass Film School is conducting a free film class to all those who are interested in gaining complete knowledge on the craft of filmmaking.

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