Goldenfish Travels Announces Additional Custom Tours


Makawao, HI -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/30/2014 -- Goldenfish Travels put out an announcement on their website that an all new Japan tour package is now available, and this includes all the custom features that the other tours have. The company also stated that special discounts and other deals are offered as well.

In recent years, tourist industry experts had observed the increased demand for custom tours in exotic locations like the Himalayas, Vietnam, Cambodia and other countries in Southeast Asia and Africa. While traditional travel destinations are still popular, there’s no question that travelers want to see more of the world and go about their own way.

While the demand is high, there are actually few tour operators that provide custom Burma tours if they offer it at all. Furthermore, most travel packages have strict itineraries, which leave little room for the traveler to explore and go on adventures. In other words, the experience can be limiting as itineraries typically cover the same places.

Goldenfish Travels understands what the adventurous traveler wants, and that is the freedom to venture into exotic places without restrictions or compromise. The company also knows that travelers don’t want to be confined to specific travel times and desire the opportunity to travel when they want and how they want, be it in historical Egypt or Laos.

From the moment that Goldenfish Travels opened its doors, it has become the travel operator of choice for the adventurous traveler. Those who have taken advantage of its India tour package say it is fully customized and one can sleep or travel more as desired, and it is easy to rearrange schedules.

By Michael C. Strong

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