Seo Experts Launches New Interactive Online Monumental Honor Awarding Museum


Portland, OR -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/22/2015 -- A newly appeared web start-up based from Oregon has unveiled their new project which is a website that will serve as the online based honor monument that honors the top performers of today in different categories. The is the Online Honor Awarding Museum that exhibits golden collection of laureates as awarded companies and persons for 2015 year.

The project has recently been launched and it is in its beta version, but despite the recent launch various individuals and companies in different categories have already been awarded a coveted spot on the online honor wall.

GoldenWebWall team consider: "Like highly known and famous awarding Oscar, star on Alley, Honor Wall, Webby, TIME magazine, etc., projects provides their awards, so on our project created own award too". Its called a Golden Web Wall Tile (with url link and ID title) installed/added to wall. Since its a private project, Award issuing is based on team review and opinion.

Current presented awards are for 2015 year. Award collection be reviewed and updated for every year, like many other awarding programs do so.

The project has been introduced as a system to recognize and motivate individuals, brand, organizations and teams for the good work they have been doing throughout the year in their own respective industries and fields. This Online Honor Awarding Museum has been visually presented in the manner of a wall monument with tiles. Each tile on the Golden Web Wall signifies a prestigious spot of honor which will be designated to people and organizations that have shown remarkable performance. The different categories of Honor Wall will include actors, writers, designers, developers, drivers, cooks, musicians, managers, engineers and many-many others categories.

The website spokesperson further elaborated: "Honor Award can be granted to actors, experts, talented people, bodybuilders, sport, artists, singers, dancers, musicians, writers, managers, scientists, architects, engineers, bloggers, journalists, developers, etc., who has Internet presence. Even brilliant plumbers and farmers can be awarded!"

Additionally project may be counted as new marketing tool too. People can nominate companies and individuals that they think deserve the attention and the honor of being featured on the Golden Web Wall Interactive Online Monumental Honor Awarding Museum can submit the name through Twitter by tweeting the detail using the hashtag #nominate_to_GoldenWebWall.

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GoldenWebWall is a brand new web project. Talented team is hoping to attract the attention of interesting Venture Investors for this website and also a few more other interesting and unusual start-ups that currently are under development and very soon will be launched too.

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