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Golder Watch Provides Specifically Designed Environmental Remote Monitoring Equipment


Lakewood, CO -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/25/2014 -- Golder Watch provides specifically designed environmental remote monitoring equipment to fulfill the needs of real world applications. The products designed by Golder Watch’s engineers are manufactured to be utilized in water, wastewater, landfill/waste, mining, and oil & gas remote monitoring applications, as well as flare monitoring. Whether they are required to monitor a single discrete input such as a high wet well level or pump fault, or numerous data points such as level, flow, temperature, or pressure, they offer all these products.

The company believes in fulfilling the needs of all industrial solutions and their products interface with the most common protocols used in various instrumentation and equipment including: 4-20 mA or 0-10 V analog inputs, discrete inputs, and Modbus RTU, Modbus ASCII, Enron Modbus, and Modbus TCP/IP.

Their products have the capability of protocol conversion and can also support additional interfaces such as SDI-12. They also work with clients to find solutions for services related to satellite, modbus, security and remote monitoring devices or cellular-based remote monitoring and control.

While discussing remote monitoring and control, a spokesperson from Golder Watch elaborated, “This highly configurable solution includes e-mail and SMS notification and alerts, comprehensive reporting, historical data analysis, advanced trending and charting capabilities, and robust data export functions. The most favored application from Golder Watch is their web-hosted service which includes no license to purchase. Only monthly access charges are applicable which include device communications and unlimited access for as many users as one would like to use the service.”

About Golder Associates
Golder Associates provides a wide range of independent consulting, design, and construction services in its specialist areas of earth, environment, and energy. They help clients find sustainable solutions to the challenges of finite resources, energy, water supply and management. They come to customers from Golder’s Automation Group which has been building cellular-based wireless remote monitoring hardware for more than 10 years. Whether one is looking to monitor a single variable such as a high level alarm at a single site like a lift station, or data points across hundreds or thousands of flow meters, Golder Watch has a complete solution for them.

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