Goldsmith Designer Bruno Micolano Looks to Launch His Own Brand "Classico Ventuno" with Funding Support via Indiegogo.

This campaign is about handmade jewelry in Silver (Ag 925) and semi/precious stones, from Italy - the Classicism of the XXI century.


Lecce, Italy -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/22/2014 -- Bruno Micolano is a goldsmith designer. After many years of study, research and working with art and jewelry, he has decided to create his own brand “Classico Ventuno” C.XXI Classico Ventuno is a jewelry brand based on the classic reinterpretation of geometry and stones with a contemporary use.... the Classicism of the XXI century. After a lot of research and experimentation, this team has created their first collection. The whole collection is made up of handmade pieces in Silver (Ag 925) and semi-precious stones, paying precise attention to detail, finished in an excellent rhodium bath.

The collection is the result of research that has examined a period of historic / architectural design, among the most beautiful, Baroque. Bruno Micolano has managed to create a formal design that is practical, elegant and modern. They have made the first pieces of ClassicoXXI and want launch the collection on the market, but they need funding help. Their major costs will be:
- setting up the company
- production of the collection
- development of our image
- promotion

Adequate funding will enable them to start the project by helping with the first steps and will give us the confidence to continue their work. Backers can contribute to the success of the project with a donation or simply by supporting them by spreading their story.

The funding budget for this project has been fixed at €5,000.

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