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Goldstein, Bachman and Newman Launches Awareness Campaign for Child Support Rights

Law firm combats dwindling court order compliance by promoting recovery options


Old Bridge, NJ -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/16/2014 -- Nationwide legal reports reveal an estimated 12 million child support orders currently exist across the country, representing only 33 percent of the number there should be. Of those in existence, approximately half remain outstanding, leaving 6 million children and their custodial parents in the lurch. In light of these figures, family law attorney Howard Bachman of Goldstein, Bachman and Newman has launched a campaign to educate those in the Middlesex County area regarding their rights and the laws pertaining to child support.

Said Bachman, "State laws dictate children should not suffer financially because their parents are divorced, and the amount of support they should receive is calculated based on a number of circumstances. Support is awarded to ensure children benefit from both parents' income, so they never lack the basic necessities. Though the law is clear, there are many misconceptions in respect to child support. The statistics are also a bit misleading, but only slightly so."

Delving deeper into this matter uncovers factors supporting Bachman's statements. Common belief dictates a court order ensures receipt of child support; on the contrary, the court order is only the first step in the process. Though the non-custodial parent is ultimately responsible for making these payments, many circumstances come into play. Should the obligated parent be lose his or her job, the court order may be temporarily delayed. The same holds true of incarceration.

Also contrasting widespread expectations, bench warrants for delinquent child support payments are not infallible. Regardless of how dire the need is for support or the amount in arrears, a warrant does not necessarily guarantee payment. Warrants are only effective in the state in which they are issued. If the obligated parent lives across state lines, or moves to another state after the court order is issued, he or she can not be followed by a warrant.

Regarding the statistics, Bachman noted many of the families currently receiving child support are entitled to more than they collect. In some cases, they are owed for past delinquent payments while others are awaiting back payment from before the order took effect. Filing errors also account for a portion of those falling into this category. Those filing for child support are met with a complex series of considerations, which are outlined on the firm's website, Overlooked details may have a negative impact on the amount awarded. The 67 percent with no order in effect have, for myriad reasons, not filed a request for relief.

Bachman concluded, "Children who aren't receiving child support, or who aren't receiving enough, often lack medical care, and some are deprived of even the most basic of necessities because the custodial parent's income simply isn't enough to cover these needs. This leads to a higher risk of health problems and increases the chances they will develop depression or behavioral problems. We can guide parents through the process of determining appropriate child support amounts. For those who are facing problems with collecting what they are owed, we can advise them on measures to reverse the situation."

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