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Golf Club Unlimited Provides Equipment for Those Who Can't Afford It


Trenton, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/08/2014 -- Trenton, FL - With the nationwide economic downturn, golf is taking a big hit. A relatively expensive sport with pricey equipment and greens fees, golf is being abandoned by many, especially young people and those with financial issues.

William Shultz can’t change things for the entire country but he’s doing what he can for Chiefland, Fla., a gulf coast community near Gainesville.

Shultz has created Golf Club Unlimited, a website and a proposed community-based store that offers free and discounted equipment. The website is up and running, although it needs some professional upgrading. The store is still in the planning stages.

“I would like to re-establish golf in my community,” said Shultz. “Since the economic hardships have started, I have noticed a steady decline in participants at Chiefland Golf and Country Club. Here in Chiefland, golf has reverted to a rich person’s sport.”

About Golf Club Unlimited
Golf Club Unlimited will provide golf clubs, bags, shoes and accessories to anyone who is not able to afford this equipment. This new company will also offer club rentals at affordable prices, pay for golf lessons and sponsor a local high school golf team.

It takes time, effort and money to put this all together and Shultz figures he needs about $15,000 in start-up capital. This money will pay for equipment and a website upgrade as well as rent, utilities, insurance and staff for the new store.

In order to generate this funding, Shultz has launched an Indiegogo campaign, which can be viewed at

Donations of any amount are welcome. Shultz is also seeking manufacturers who are willing to donate items or offer them at steep discount.

“I want to sell golf equipment at wholesale so people can afford it,” he said. “I am not talking about used equipment. This will all be new. Most people have no idea how much the price of golf clubs is marked up. I do.

“I am willing to pass the savings to people who want to play. I am willing to give the disadvantaged a chance to play this great game.”

For additional information, visit or the Golf Club Unlimited website,

Shultz can be reached directly at

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