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Golf Tourism in Spain on the Rise from Companies Such as Bartle Holidays

According to recent reports, golf tourism in Spain is on the rise with golf holidays increasing by 9.3 percent each year from companies such as Bartle Holidays


Ashes Lane, Tonbridge -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/22/2013 -- The popularity of golf homes in Spain, along with golf holidays, is rising every year, according to reports by a golf tourism organisation. Golf holiday sales saw a 9 percent rise this year, with Spanish golf courses now seeing a continuous influx of tourists from companies such as Bartle Holidays .

Golf holidays are reporting the same increase in popularity year-by-year, and investors are taking note as they start to put more money into the development of courses and golf properties in Spain. Figures from the National Golf Federation state that 56 million people across the globe take part in golf every year, and Spain has long remained at the forefront for holidaymakers taking part in the sport. Tourists often choose Spain for a number of reasons besides golf, but the numbers show that 5.6 million golfers travel abroad exclusively to play the sport, with Spain being the number one golf destination in Europe.

One Spanish house building director states that with Spain undoubtedly being one of the most popular golfing destinations in the world, and certainly the biggest in Europe, it would be a wise move for any property buyer to choose a golfing property in the country.

One property developer has reported a sales increase of 74 percent over the last year, in Mallorca, an island well known for high quality golf courses. 24 of Europe’s most famous courses are on the island, an ideal vacation destination in terms of weather and activities.

This trend is likely to increase over the coming years, with tourists flocking to Spain’s golf courses and buying up properties suited to the sport. This comes alongside recent reports of Spain’s economy being on the rise due to upward tourism rates from all kinds of holidaymakers, a well needed surge in interest after recent economic troubles.

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