Golfing for Life Website Encourages Seniors and Ladies to Try Golf


Las Palmas, Spain -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/22/2013 -- Golf is a game that requires more than simply practice. Perfect practice makes for better golf and with all of the subtle nuances that go into the game, mastering it is difficult at best. Many who have never played quickly become frustrated with the game and stop.

“So many do not understand that good golf begins with absolute fundamentals. My program teaches you, the novice golfer, everything you need to become efficient at the game,” said Dermot McGlinchey of

Using a book and a series of instructional DVD’s, the Beginner’s Guide to Playing Golf helps take anyone from the first steps of deciding on clubs to learning how to play a shot out of the bunker.

“We are also excited about the prospect of seniors and ladies taking up the game. Golf is about flexibility, exercise and muscle training and strengthening, all perfect for seniors and ladies,” McGlinchey said.

Two special ebooks are included for those who order online, Golf Basics and Senior Golf 101. Each book is designed specifically to help beginning golfers with all of the best tips and tricks for good golf. The Senior Golf 101 helps the age 60+ beginner learn how to enjoy the game with as much interest as younger players.

“There is no reason anyone cannot get this set and learn how to play golf. Those who like to play but do not play well would be advised to get the set also. There are excellent tips for anyone to use to better their golf game. A game much more enjoyable when you are proficient at it,” said McGlinchey.

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