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Good Genes and Healthy Living Extend Life Beyond 100, Says iHealthology

Scientists now have even more proof that good genes and healthy living extend life beyond 100 years.


Maasdijk, Netherlands -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/17/2013 -- A recent article published on http://www.ihealthology.com discuss recent research performed in New Engeland that showed interested insight into people living beyond 100.

“I found the research fascinating because it shows that we can change our outcomes and live a long healthy life” said Dr. Jenks. He further states “We have a choice as to how long we live, and the more we commit to making healthy choice the more influence we can have on our bodies to live a long time.”

Things like not smoking, eating whole fresh foods and exercising daily can make huge impacts to your overall health. You can read more by visitying http://www.ihealthology.com/good-genes-and-healthy-living-extend-life-beyond-100.

About iHealthology
iHealthology was created by Dr. Alan Jenks to help people navigate through the complex information on health, longevity and living as long as you can with the highest quality of life.

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