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Good Insurance Marketing Should Involve Guarantees


Newtown Square, PA -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/22/2018 -- Can an insurance agent offer guarantees? The answer is yes, good marketing should involve some guarantees. However, guarantees should never involve coverage or policies.

"Instead, insurance agents can brand themselves in a good way by providing something of value that a customer really wants, in addition to the product being sold," said Clelland Green, RHU, CEO "It's about separating yourself from the crowd and offering guarantees the competition does not offer."

The guarantee can be something as simple as always returning a phone call the same day when a customer has a question or issue. It could be as important as guaranteeing to review existing coverage to make certain the customer has the right policies in place and to identify if they do not have what they need and want. Guaranteeing a status update on a claim is something most clients would certainly appreciate as well. It is also important to be able to guarantee to customers that licensed professionals are handling their insurance needs. Once a guarantee has been determined, it needs to be used as a positioning statement that makes the agent and agency stand out from the competition.

"Of course there are other ways to attract customers," added Green, "not the least of which is being approachable, knowledgeable, courteous and personable. Selling insurance is as much about the agent's personality as it is about the actual policy. If an agent can build a rapport and trust with a customer, chances are that person converts to a loyal, long-time customer."

Other tips to enhance insurance marketing are:

Ensure relevant content marketing is aimed at all customers – potential, existing and new buyers
Enthusiastically employ social media to grow the business
Monitor online reviews to spot any trouble areas and immediately remedy any issues
Make sure the company brand is consistent on and offline with up-to-date information
Get mobile and have a mobile responsive website
Cull your data regularly to remove bad contacts
Automate the agency insurance marketing on social media platforms

Insurance marketing is all about making connections and maintaining them. It is about knowing the industry and policies inside out. It is about helping customers choose what truly fits their lifestyles and budgets. It is about making a difference to a family that needed advice about what insurance would work for them and they got the right information at the right time from the best agent invested in ensuring their welfare and protection was covered.