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Good Life Labs Rides out FDA Storm and Launches New Product


Encino, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/07/2012 -- Supplements are sometimes controversial, with opinions in science and the media differing over their efficacy and uses as a replacement for healthy lifestyles. While this debate rages, there can be no doubt that supplements are increasingly popular with the general public. To protect them, the FDA in the United States has been shutting down manufacturers and distributors of low quality or ineffective supplements. Good Life Labs is a company that has been providing best quality supplements for years, and they have stood fast against the scrutiny to offer a new range of effective products.

Good Life Labs creates highly specialized nutritional supplements, and places a premium the experiences of their customers, who provide a plethora of testimonials available to view on their website, together with an FAQ that addresses many of the common issues raised by those looking to try supplements for the first time.

Along with Reservatrol longevity formula promising to lower LDL cholesterol and strengthen the immune system and Prostagin Plus for urinary tract issues, the latest of these new releases comprise a range of chelating agents, comprised of 500mg EDTA tablets. The new product promises to remove heavy metals and toxins to the body, improve circulation, reduce blockages and improve mental activity.

A spokesperson for the site explained the new product in detail,

“The word chelation is derived from the Greek word chele meaning claw, such as the claw of a crab. In practice, the mechanism by which chelation works is by creating a firm grasp or bond between a chemical (i.e., EDTA) to a metal or mineral ion. EDTA (EthyleneDiameneTetraAcetic acid) is currently approved for use as a chelating agent in the United States by the FDA for lead poisoning, hypercalcemia, and for the control of ventricular Arrhythmias associated with Digitalis Toxicity. Unlike many of our competitors who have been shut down for the provision of poor quality EDTA supplements, our products have always been of uncompromising quality.”

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Good Life Labs, LLC is a nutritional supplement company located in Encino, California. Their mission is to create high quality, reasonably priced nutritional supplements to increase the longevity and enhance the quality of their customers’ lives. Good Life Labs focuses its resources on the development, manufacturing, and marketing of a limited number of highly specialized nutritional supplement products. By focusing on our core competencies, Good Life Labs is able to consistently produce “best of brand” supplements. For more information please visit: