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Good Love Songs and Romantic Music of TYZU Music

Besides pretty melodies and great lyrics, there are always some touching true stories behind good love songs and beautiful romantic music.


New York City, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/03/2012 -- Great songs always come from talents, especially, the best love songs must be created by greatest love song writers. Besides those super hot stars, there are many unknown musician and bands can make beautiful music and touching songs. TYZU is just one of these gold covered by sands.

Currently, there are three original good love songs and romantic music produced by TYZU, such as: "Final Fight For You", "True Miracle" and "Go With Loneliness". And behind each of these touching song, there is a true story, that is so beautiful.

The first work of TYZU Music is "Final Fight For You". This is a chart-topping song. Among the things that make it so great are the strong sentiments of faith and loyalty expressed, as well as the unbelievably strong vocals.

This song is not only about love, but about devotion, as well. Let's see some fans' comments:

"If you've ever found yourself unable to stop loving someone even after their actions have given you good reason to stop, you can relate to this song."

"This song is for everyone who has at least once in their life thought with their heart instead of their mind."

"Although this song is sung really well, it's actually the amazingly poetic lyrics that are the highlight."

"The simplicity of their lyrics and their music work to convey one of the most complex emotions we're capable of feeling--love."

"It's the song that realizes grand overtures like flowers and diamonds are worthless in comparison to constant loving attention."

Actually, the best love song of TYZU Music should be: "True Miracle". It talks love, marriage and loyalty. The singing is superb and the melody is great. Like some fans said:

"This song would turn anyone into a believer in love at first sight."

"The smooth sounds and powerful lyrics in this one are a surefire way to set the mood for love!"

"It's a simple and loving reminder to a sweetheart young or old."

"He paints a picture with his words and lets the listener's heart fill in the vivid and passionate emotion."

TYZU has another cute love song: "Go With Loneliness". The lyrics is still romantic: We agree with some fans' comments:

"This smooth and mellow song is an example of the true sound of young love."

"A man never giving up on his true love is only romantic if his true love makes the wait worthwhile."

"Will reach the sentimental lovers and flood them with great memories!"

"This one is sure to set a smokin' hot mood late in the evening!"

Whenever we play a romantic song, we end up reliving the intensity of the musician's feelings. They reverberate through their music and touch everyone's soul. Have you ever wondered why a charming love song brings tears in our eyes? The reason is that the musician has sung his heart out, and it inspires romantic feelings in the listener too. In short, perfect romantic music is inspired by some delightful love stories.

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