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London, England -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/23/2015 -- The recent changes in immigration law have been deemed controversial for non-EU immigrants, particularly those applying for Tier 2 visas. However, there is good news for those who wish to move to the UK under the Tier 1 visa which is reserved for entrepreneurs. In fact, a recent report suggests that the Tier 1 visa is growing in appeal and is attractive to self-starting non-EU migrants who may wish to set up their own business in the UK. Entrepreneurs make up a substantial proportion of the economy in the UK, creating further jobs and opportunities, so the implications of the news could be far-reaching for everyone.

The Tier 1 entrepreneur visa is a crucial opportunity for those wishing to set up their own businesses in the UK, and there have been changes to the law prospective migrants from non-EU areas must be aware of in their application. This includes changes to what will be accepted as 'funding' as financial input from venture capitalists will no longer be considered unless it is from a source approved by the Government. These changes mean that although, there are some hurdles, the time has never been better for entrepreneurs to make that move overseas if they wish to.

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Global Immigration Solutions are a team of leading immigration experts who specialise in assisting people to move to the UK. As regular commentators on industry news, a spokesperson had this to say, 'We think it is good news that the Tier 1 visa is being utilised more and is growing in appeal. Obviously, some may be unfamiliar with what the new changes mean for their prospects. But we would advise people to take a crucial first step and seek support, as the right legal advice can make the whole transition so much easier. Entrepreneurs are crucial to the growth of the economy, creating jobs and opportunities for everyone and with the right guidance they can fulfil their aspirations too.'

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