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Goodbye Kindergarten: Enchanting Keepsake Book Allows Children to Chronicle Their First Year of Education


Miami Gardens, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/16/2013 -- While it may only be the first year of their education, Kindergarten marks a dramatic life change for all young children. With the rapid development of intellectual, creative and social skills, that first year marks a pivotal period in every child’s life. Thanks to a powerful new resource by Christopher Gates, every child can read a book that captures the kindergarten experience in a story, as well as give them the opportunity to chronicle their kindergarten days and create a keepsake that will last forever.

‘Goodbye Kindergarten’ stands unique within the marketplace, as one of the only kindergarten-centric story and scrapbook ever developed.


Kindergarten is the year of many firsts, as children learn the alphabets, numbers, and discover new friends. Goodbye Kindergarten begins with a charming poem that celebrates children’s achievements and experiences during their first magical year of education.

Goodbye Kindergarten allows children to write about their memories through words and photographs. This book captures children’s achievements by tapping into their incredible imaginations, and placing the power of creativity in their hands. Goodbye Kindergarten is bound to be a cherished keepsake for every kindergartener.

As the author explains, memories developed during kindergarten deserve to be saved forever.

“It isn’t simply preparation for school; a child’s time in kindergarten is the springboard to huge leaps in all parts of their life and development,” says Gates, a noted education expert.

Continuing, “From developing skills that they may use in their careers, to making friends that will be by their side for a lifetime, that first year is a vital step in life that more than deserves to be cherished and committed to the history books. My new book is an opportunity for children to celebrate their first year of school, and gives them the power to memorialize it in their own unique, creative, and individualized ways. I can’t wait to see and hear how children around the world are using it.”

In a unique international collaboration, Gates is also encouraging children to share their completed scrapbooks with other kindergarteners and visitors of his website. By submitting everything from graduation day pictures and completed memory books, to their best graduation day memory, including letters to the author, the book’s website plans to gradually share children’s work for the world to see.

“This is a very unique project that will allow us to build up a real picture of how kindergarten has a positive impact on children. There’s no requirement to submit anything, but I hope as many parents, guardians, and caregivers as possible will encourage their children to compile their memories and share them, via the book’s website, with people everywhere,” Gates adds.

‘Goodbye Kindergarten’, published by Dog Ear Publishing, will be available on May 22nd from Amazon, Barnes & Noble and other global book retailers. ISBN: 978-0-9889739-0-9.

For more information, visit: http://www.goodbyekindergarten.com

*Note – A portion of all book proceeds will be donated to the Christopher Gates Foundation, which aims to inspire generosity, activism and sustainability through collaborative partnerships and outreach initiatives.

About the Author
Christopher Gates inspires youth to be creative, intuitive, insightful thinkers by empowering them to have high expectations for success. With over a decade in the field of education, from Kindergarten through 12th grades, Gates has received numerous local, state, and national awards in recognition for his contributions to schools, communities, and the profession. Beyond writing, he is an entrepreneur, philanthropist, and mentor. More information: http://www.christopher-gates.com