Google 2011: Markets, Products, Competition, and Acquisitions - Latest Report


Naperville, IL -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/30/2012 -- Reportstack, provider of premium market research reports announces the addition of 'Google 2011: Markets, Products, Competition, and Acquisitions' report to its offering.

This research package includes various reports addressing a wide range of topics:

- Google acquisitions and related strategy
- New Google products, services and applications
- New market areas for Google
- Anticipated new business models for Google
- Competitive analysis between Google and others

It represents a collection of all Google related research from Mind Commerce during 2011 focusing on all major areas including search, advertising, social media, commerce, wireless/mobile, communications, content, applications, and more.

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Competitors to Google: Any company that either already has or is contemplating a competing line-of-business, application, product, service, etc.

Investor Community: Investment banks, private equity, venture capital, angel fund investors, and any other entity seeking to invest in any venture that is impacted (positively or negatively) by Google

Small Companies and Start-up's: Any small company or start-up that has a new idea or business that could be impacted (positively or negatively) by Google

Others: Google continues to expand in depth and breadth of product areas and influence throughout many industries including search, media, communications, content, telephony, applications, and more. Google Watch provides a competitive advantage and insights for subscribers.

Comprehensive Analysis: People interested in this report will also be interested in Google Market Intelligence

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