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Google Hires SEO Experts: Ranking Solutions Comments


Burnley, Lancashire -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/14/2015 -- A posting for a role as SEO (Search Engine Optimization) expert at Google was placed on its job board earlier this week. The post has caused a furore in the digital marketing industry as people wonder why the creator of the ubiquitous search engine requires help with its ranking on its own search engine. This is not necessarily the case – but highlights Google as showing interest in n increasingly competitive world of website optimisation. It confirms something which most businesses have already known: quality SEO is crucial to business success, something which cannot be ignored – with the specialists able to offer the most important information, key to keeping relevant.

After all, it seems that competition on Google has heated up. Keeping high in the rankings on the search engine itself involves skill and expertise. This news is particularly important for businesses that have perhaps not invested in their online marketing strategy as much or have single-handedly relied on methods such as social media or PPC – as a strong digital marketing strategy is groundless without a good foundation in SEO. This applies to all industries and businesses no matter the relative degree of success they may enjoy. With more and more companies getting clued up on their digital marketing strategies, particularly SEO, it is essential to remain ahead of the competition, or at least on par if you wish to be assured some long-term success. SEO ultimately helps websites secure a place in the search engines, which is not necessarily assured by other methods.

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Ranking Solutions are one of the UK's leading providers of digital marketing services. With quality consultancy on SEO, PPC, web design and social media strategies, they have established a name for themselves in a field which can be over- saturated. They were eager to comment on this latest news and a spokesperson had this to say, 'It seems ironic that Google are hiring an SEO expert of their own – when they are the search engine itself! But we think this is indicative of the condition of digital marketing at the moment. Companies simply cannot afford to overlook their online presence, and the truth is most will try and find you on Google before they look elsewhere. And if you're looking for new sales, again internet search engines are absolutely vital for traffic. This is why we invest in experts of an exceptional quality, people who are visionary and able to see into the future of the digital marketing industry so that they can predict and ensure success for their clients. The fact that even Google themselves aren't overlooking this aspect of their business operations, sends a message which is both loud and clear for everyone to hear: you need to keep up and stay ahead no matter your standing.'

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