Google Manual Penalty Recovery Service Now Offered by Seo4anyone


Aventura, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/20/2013 -- seo4anyone, a Miami-based SEO and digital marketing firm, is now offering a service that helps webmasters to recover from manual Google penalties that may have been assessed to their websites.

A representative from the company recently stated “There are two basic ways that Google can hurt your website’s position in their search engine. The website can essentially be downgraded by a part of Google’s algorithms, or it can be given a manual penalty by a real person who looks at the website themselves.”

Seo4anyone helps webmasters recover from both types of downgrades and penalties. In order to do this, they first go through a process to understand exactly why the website was hurt. Once the root cause of the problem has been identified, the team makes a plan to return the website to higher performance levels by attacking the issues that originally caused the problem.

When a website is given a manual penalty, this means that someone from Google has viewed the website and determined that it likely was violating Google’s quality guidelines. This could be due to paid incoming links that don’t use the “no follow” attribute, hidden text and links on the website, or perhaps using some type of link building scheme or black hat SEO technique that is designed to trick the search engines.

In some cases, a webmaster may have been unknowingly violating the quality guidelines and the solution to the problem can be very simple. For other websites that have put a lot of effort into paid link campaigns or broad link schemes which resulted in a penalty, the recovery process can take much longer and require much more effort. Each website is dealt with on an individual basis and the root of the problem is dealt with in the best way possible.

Seo4anyone handles all of the relevant aspects of the recovery phase from diagnosing the problem, to fixing it and filing the reconsideration request with Google. The reconsideration request is the final step in the process where someone from Google’s webspam team comes back to visit the website and see if a webmaster has actually fixed the problem and stopped doing whatever they may have been doing before to result in the penalty. The full list of SEO services that this company provides can be seen here

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