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Google Penalty Removal Experts Penalty Pros Reaches 100 Successful Penalty Removals


Johannesburg, South Africa -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/17/2013 -- Penalty Pros, the leading Google penalty removal experts with a 100 percent success rate, proudly announces that is has successfully lifted 100 Google penalties. As a pioneer in the SEO space, Penalty Pros can successfully remove all Panda and Penguin-related Google penalties and works successfully across every industry. Featured in many SEO and marketing publications and sites, the acclaimed firm works to lift penalties, remove links and get traffic flowing back again. Penalty Pros has succeeded in every industry, including competitive and spammy niches like online gambling, Forex and finance.

Whether penalties are link-related, content-related or both, Penalty Pros goes to work using a three-step process to correct the problems and get the site back on its feet. During phase one, the site is analysed and reviewed during a free and no-obligation review, providing a quotation for the removal or services needed to rectify the problem. Phase two involves the actual clean up process of either removing or disavowing links or addressing content-related issues. After all the necessary work has been completed, in phase three, Penalty Pros submits a reconsideration request to Google and awaits their response. The process is repeated until the penalty is removed with Penalty Pros 100 percent guarantee.

Penalty Pros normally sees a 200 to 300 percent increase in SERP visibility after the penalty is lifted. Because the firm can't control Google's turnaround and response time, the time needed to address the penalties varies from case to case. However, Penalty Pros’ record is just six days, with many unnatural link removal issues resolved in just two weeks.

Penalty Pros is confident with all Google penalty removals, and understands that time is of the essence. By handling every aspect of the removal process, Penalty Pros gives clients a completely hands-off experience. With unparalleled experience, Penalty Pros keeps working until the penalty is removed. If after 12 months the penalty is not lifted, the firm will either refund the client's money or continue working to resolve the issues.

About Penalty Pros
Penalty Pros, a division of Nitch Marketing (Pty) Ltd, is the leader in Google penalty removal with a 100 percent success rate. Working with SEO and digital agencies as well as individuals, Penalty Pros is white-hat friendly. Due to favourable exchange rates, the South African firm provides an excellent value particularly for U.S. and UK clients. For more information, visit http://penaltypros.com/.