Rebekah Hudson

U.S. Businesses Slow to Adopt New Google Penguin Changes; South America Leading the Way

In the race to top the Google Search results, a disturbing trend has developed as the U.S. fails to register in the data to understand the Google Penguin update.


Shreveport, LA -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/21/2012 -- As Google rolls out the new Google Penguin Search Algorithm changes, concern is beginning to set in over the lack of concern or research in the U.S. over the impact. Recent data suggest U.S. businesses are falling behind in tackling and understanding the new changes. Not adapting to the new search changes could potentially place certain U.S. businesses at a major competitive disadvantage as global competitors top the Google Search results.

Based on recent search volume, U.S. businesses and web owners do not even place in the top 10 countries researching the recent adjustments. Analyzing the data suggest South American countries are on the forefront of researching and understanding the new Google Penguin changes. Data is not available on China since the engine to currently censored and not available. Per the latest numbers, the countries with the most Google Penguin research activity include:

1. Mexico
2. Colombia
3. Chile
4. Peru
5. United Kingdom
6. Portugal
7. Argentina
8. Australia
9. Brazil
10. Canada believes this is dangerous trend that hopes will be revered. Marketing companies and SEO specialist in the U.S. need to make a much stronger effort in educating the small business community, as well as help find solutions to keep the U.S. competitive. As of April 2012, Google Search commanded a 66.7% marketshare, dwarfing the other search engines. Learning what works and what harms a companies SEO will be crucial going forward.

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