Rebekah Hudson

Press Releases Are Still Effective SEO Against the Google Penguin Updates

Google Penguin is currently reeking havok all across the internet as webmasters examine the fallout of past SEO efforts. offers high quality press release distribution as a seo solution to Google Penguin.


Shreveport, LA -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/14/2012 -- Mad why your site has been stricken by the latest update from Google? As all of us know the main purpose of this would be to eradicate net spam on SERPs. But do you recognize that chunks of web spams arrive from inbound links with low level networks?

Google regards links as editorial according to votes. Basically, those who are producing top quality articles would rank higher in the search engine given that website visitors find them valuable. The key task of Google is to evaluate the quality, number and significance of the websites that backlink to yours. This is the leading explanation why Google can raise red flag when it finds out the kind of websites are linked to yours and the anchor words which is utilized by the linking website.

What are unnatural links? One of the top most factors why some websites has become struck by Google Penguin will be the presence of unnatural backlinks. These are the most widespread controversies:

1. Backlinks from Dangerous website. Are you aware of the inbound backlinks from websites that were flagged for spammy issues, pop-up or malware? This is some of the factors why websites are moving down the ranks in the search engines. Why dont you examine the inbound links that are connected to you that may very well be from web spammers?

2. Article marketing Websites. Web content articles which has the same anchor text is an additional contributing aspect why you may be a sufferer of rank deterioration in the serps.

3. Posts on Untrusted Sites. Guests posts are vital way to have backlinks to your site. These links pointing to sites from sites with very low quality information focuses on anchor text in lieu of the web content.

4. Paid Links using identical anchor text. Buying links from other sites with matching anchor text is strictly beyond Googles algorithm. Google will then traced it and would regard it as being a paid backlink which is just accustomed to deal with Page Rank rather then to produce quality content material to the website visitors.

5. Comment Spam. This really is an additional threat for your sites to be affected. Those with signatures in the comments with matching anchor text and those with spammy user name as complete match text.

Overall, Google did not make any changes which are much behind the basics. Google has just transformed its algorithms to bust all those spammy sites that conform to black Search engine optimization tactics to score higher through the search engine.

What SEO Still Works With Penguin?

Press Releases, Press Releases and Press Releases! Google views a Press Release as solid content and NOT spam. Getting you press releases on a Google Approved News site adds INSTANT creditability. Besides Google Approved Press Release Media Outlets, high quality websites such as the Boston Globe, RecentGlobalNews, The San Francisco Chronicle, Chron, UPI and more add powererful, non spam, natural links back to your website.