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Google Play Launches New Cutting-Edge Money Management App Assuring Easy Financial Planning

Google Play has come up with a new money management Android application called FlowZR. It’s a free user-friendly app that assures hassle free and comprehensive financial planning for both personal and business use


Casablanca, Morocco -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/20/2013 -- Merged into an best rated Open Source Financial Software on September 2013, 09 for people looking for competent money management apps, a new cutting edge money management app android called FlowZR. The free app is developed by the leading financial software developer Flowzr and is primarily designed to assure easy financial planning.

Merging with an Open Source Software give superior genetic advantage to it's Android app. The best Expence Manager of the Android platform on the best Cloud Engine.

This latest financial planning app is designed to be helpful for both personal and business usage. "It will aid you in recording all the expenses & train budget. The app will be suitable when you need to remind & share your accounts in diverse currencies. Besides, FlowZR will assist the businessmen in dealing with bank reconciliation, scheduling payment, due-date & will publish the receipt for smooth management of the allowances", said the spokesperson.

The new FlowZR money management app looks functional for the distributed agencies and accounting certification. The spokesperson added, "You will find the app handy if you own many business units & you need to schedule, prepare & communicate the financial decisions. Moreover, FlowZR will be useful when you are sharing the accounting data with your team or shareholders."

The app is of extreme user ease and it just takes a few minutes to store & track all financial movements from the latest Android money management app. It makes budget envelopes management easy and so users would be getting real-time Profit and Loss report & VAT-due register. It operates by billing date and value date, and simply takes a drag & drop to facilitate cash management, account reconciliation and treasury forecast through the new money management Android app.

Also the app permits scanned documents attachment that will assist the user in centralizing all his documentation- which will stay featured on his mobile only. FlowZR is altogether an ideal Enterprise Content Management system that facilitates hassle free accounting documentation.

"FlowZR assures virtually unlimited, cheap and strongly backed up document storage, courtesy the extremely reliable Google Cloud hosting. The good bit is that this new financial planning software saves the historical alterations enabling you an easy work on the errors. Most importantly, FlowZR guarantees secure share of accounts, backed by high end Google SSL

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