Google Plus Show Hostess to Stream First Live Online Video Event with Santa Titled "Hangout with Santa Claus"


Pflugerville, TX -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/13/2012 -- GPlusGoToGal, partnered with Alexis and Brian Smith, are hosting “Hangout with Santa Claus” a live video chat with Santa, using the Google+ Hangout On Air feature. This will be the first event of it's type, heralding in a new type of visit with Santa. The live stream of video will be free to boys and girls of all ages, and they can even request a personalized letter from Santa himself.

About the Hangout with Santa Claus event
No longer do parents need to drag their children all the way to the mall to have them meet up with Santa Claus. Santa is going digital in the event "Hangout With Santa Claus", where kids can chat with the big man himself in the comfort of their own homes. Utilizing the power of Google+ and the Hangout On Air feature, GPlusGoToGal is partnering up with Alexis and Brian Smith to bring this whole new type of holiday event – this is the very first event of it's kind.

The hangout will be hosted on Google+, and parents will need to have or sign-up for an account in order to have their kids participate at that location. Otherwise, they can watch the live video on the event site or YouTube.

If kids are wanting a more hands-on experience with Santa, they and their parents can request a personalized letter from the jolly-old-elf for a small fee of $7.97.

“This is the first Hangout event of this type, and it is a free web show for the public, every kid is going to have a few minutes to talk to Santa and ask him whatever they want,” said representatives for GPlusGoToGal. “Because this is the first hangout show of this class, if the event is successful Google itself told us that is going to have the Hangout video featured on their Google+ page.”, owned by Yifat Cohen, will be working in partnership with Alexis Smith and Brian Smith. Alexis and Brian will be the ones writing the letters, and Brian will be playing Santa Claus.

The event in going to be live on on Saturday, Dec. 15th at 5pm CST. You can get all the information about “Hangout with Santa Claus” and watch the feed when it goes live, at


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